Our Bucket list

The bucket list… a bit of a fashion word these days. But I do have to say I’m guilty as well. I feel the fascinating appeal of a bucket list. What are the things you really want to do in life? What do you day dream about? Some plans maybe easy to fulfil, others seem to be far more out of reach. But one step at a time and I am convinced we will achieve all the items on our list!

Having the problem of a never ending wanderlust, our bucket list contains trips and experiences from all over the world. We might better call it our ultimate travel bucket list. However, we do have other dreams that aren’t travel related. For example having a self-sufficient garden, running a marathon, … I’ll keep those for another post somewhere in the future.

Being a family of four, we all have a saying in the proces of creating our bucket list. It must be a compilation of all of our dreams… or at least all of them that we can agree on :-). Building a princess castle on a uninhabited island for example, didn’t make the list…

The list is still under construction. There must be things out there we haven’t heard of, mind blowing activities for us, the kids or all four of us we really should experience. Let us know what are new day dreams should be about! Feel free to leave us a comment and maybe we add it to our bucket list! Or just let us know how many of our list you have already completed.

Our ‘travel experiences’ Bucket List

1. Walking from Lands End (England) to John O’Groats (Schotland): This fantastic route is 1935km (1200 mile) long and is sometimes called the end to end trail. It is an road full of adventures as it follows paths and tracks rather than road. There are 61 daily stages averaging just less than 32km (20 miles).

2. Watching whales anywhere in the world, wherever we meet them first.

3. Travelling from Sint-Petersburg to Beijing or the other way around with the Transmongolien Express

4. Visiting Machu Picchu in Peru

5. Meeting the Dalai Lama, living in India

6. Taking a cruise in Norway

7. Driving through Australia with a Kombi, an old and original Volkswagen Bus

8. Swimming/Diving together with a whale shark

9. Spend the night under the stars with the berbers in the desert.

10. Flying with a hot air balloon in Myanmar

11. Spotting wildlife in Borneo

12. Learn how to surf

13. Barbecue at the Golden coast next to our camper van

14. Seeing the Northern Light

15. Travelling through Italy with an original Vespa

16. Go camping in Iceland

17. Be on a cruise in an exotic location for at least a week

18. Stay in a beautiful resort in Bora Bora together with Heleens parents

19. Take a wildlife safari in Africa

20. Sail to the Galapagos Islands and discover the wildlife

21. Spend a night in an overwater bungalow in an exotic location such as the Maladives or Fiji

22. Watch gorillas in their natural habitat

23. Visit New England in the fall

24. Hiking through Patagonië

25. Visit the Great Wall near Beijing

26. Do a horse trekking in Mongolia

27. Stay on a ranch in the USA or Australia

28. Explore the tempels of Angkor in Cambodia

29. See the Taj Mahal by sunset

30. Get to the lowest place on earth in Death Valley, USA

31. Float in the Death Sea

32. Trek through the Himalayas and visit Tibet

33. Stay at the Mount Everest base camp

34. Dive the Great Barrier Reef

35. Drive from Chicago to LA alongside the old Route 66, or what’s left of it.

36. Go to Monument Valley, USA

37. Drive the great ocean road in Australia

38. Visit Jerusalem

39. Discover Namibia with a Jeep

40. Camp in Australia with a Jeep and rooftop tent

41. Visit Lapland during Christmas or in winter time

42. Sleep in an ice hotel

43. Do a trekking with a dog sleigh in one of the Scandinavian countries

44. Travel the Silk Road

45. Do a road trip through New Zeeland

46. Take a cruise through Halong Bay in Vietnam

47. Rent our own island for a couple of days

48. Fly a hot air balloon through Cappadocia in Turkey

49. Walk on Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

50. Release a candle at the Yi Peng Festival in Thailand


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