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Travelling didn't stop once we had our two wonderful little girls. Yuna was only 2,5 months when she accompanied us to the Provence in France. Meanwhile, they are 7 and 8 years old and have been travelling a lot. And now we have started a big adventure: a long term family trip to Asia and Oceania.

During our travels, we will post blog articles on our family travels. We will write on where to go with kids, what to bring, general tips, funny facts, what we didn't like, ... and of course we will share our most beautiful pictures. Follow our blog, newsletter and accounts on instagram and facebook if you want to stay in touch to receive all of our advice.

We hope to inspire other families to travel as well and to provide good tips when you want to get out there with your kids. Or maybe just to let you day dream about other locations and get lost in beautiful pictures. We know not everyone wants to undertake a long term family trip, but there also will be plenty of information for short vacations. Do you have a question, don't hesitate to ask us.

As we are stille starting up our blog, lots and lots of articles have to be posted. Articles about our current trip, but also articles about our previous travel experiences with the kids. So stay tuned, there is a lot of content to come.

Have fun reading and travelling!

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