Everything you need to know



We use Airbnb a lot. Especially being a family, they are a good alternative to the more expensive family rooms in hotels. If you are new to Airbnb (or use a new emailadres), get $35/€ 25 for free clicking on the logo above.


Booking.com is very easy to work with. They have a vary wide range of accommodations. We rely highly on the reviews and only choose those places with good comments.


Agoda is one of the best sites in Asia. We use it a lot when travelling through this continent. It has very good rates and is easy to work with.


Couchsurfing is a platform where you can contact people to sleep on their couch or even in a spare room. Even as a family their are opportunities. A great way to save some money and to meet locals. A beautiful experience.


The Wizards

The Wizards is our own web development company, responsible for the design, creation and SEO of this blog. Also interested in a professional blog, website or webshop? Want help with your marketing or company style? Please contact us.


Divi is the WordPress theme we are using for this blog. A visual page builder with lots of opportunities. Choose the modules you want and get started. Need help? Our company The Wizards can advice you and help you to build your blog or website.


Dropbox is an easy-to-use platform for storing and sharing all your files. We use it for our jobs and our pictures. You can synchronise your folders of choice with different computers.

Nord VPN

A completely safe and private environment to surf on the internet all over the world. Even in China, we tested it out for ourselves.


Combell is the hosting company we have used for years. We are very satisfied with their support and use them for all our websites.


World Nomads

World Nomads is a great insurance company, very much trusted by travellers around the world. You can even subscribe when you are already on the road.

Allianz Worldwide

When you want to travel, you need a good insurance! Allianz Global have a wide coverage, excellent pricing and good customer service.

How to get around


A great website to book your flight. They compare many airlines, look for the best prices and also include low-cost air carriers.


Another comparison website for booking your flight. The search engine even compares very small websites and airlines, others seemed to ignore.

Lonely planet

A great guide when you are on the road. You can buy the books digital, or even just the chapters you will be using. We use them all the time, but just as a guideline.


Very useful app in Asia to get around. Just subscribe, tell them where you need to go and order a taxi. You can also use it for payment, food and many more applications.


One of the top sites worldwide to rent a car. They compare all the big car renting companies which saves you lots of time.


Do you need to know how to get from one place to another? This website gives you the  possible means of transportation in the cheapest possible way.