10 Best Travel Apps for 2021

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1. Airbnb

A lot of people know Airbnb by now. It’s an online marketplace where you can rent accommodation or book an experience near your destination. People can rent out their a room or even the entire house when they are on vacation. At least, that was the beginning of it. Locals renting out their places. By now it got so popular agencies or hotels tend to put their rooms also on Airbnb.
What we like about this travel app is the way you can have a conversation with your host. You don’t need to go online on their site anymore and you are able to send them a message through the app. The app also has a good resume for your bookings. And it’s easy! Just login with your Airbnb account and your history and future bookings are visible in a glimpse.
The app exists for Android and iOS

2. Skyscanner

When we’re looking for cheap flights, Skyscanner is our way to go. It searches all over the world and shows you the best option available. You can easily select dates and months for finding the cheapest option. You can even set an alarm to receive notifications when the price of your flight changes. And the part we like most, you can pick your airport of departure and choose as a destination ‘anywhere’. All flights will come up, ordered from the lowest price to the highest. If you are not sure where you want to go and price matters.
The app exists for Android and iOS

3. Rome2Rio

With Rome2Rio you enter both destinations and all possible routes will show up on your screen. By bus, plane, train or taxi. You can see how much it would cost and how long you would be on the road. They even show you how long you will have to walk. If you’re lucky, they have a timetable with the connecting hours between different stopovers. Super handy and definitely a travel app you should have!
The app exists for Android and iOS

4. Taxi apps

In a lot of countries, you have taxi apps. A lot of the times, the prices of these apps are cheaper than the local taxi guys. You enter your destination and choose between a motorbike, regular car or big car. You can immediately see how much it will cost, so you have a fixed price. No more discussions with the driver… A lot of them also have some new services such as delivering food and groceries. Just be sure if it is allowed in the country you’re travelling in or the specific place you are going to.
You’ll have to look up which one is used in the country of your destination, but here are some very popular ones.

Uber is probably the most known worldwide. It is mainly used in the US, Canada, Australia and parts of Europe. The app exists for Android and iOS.

Grab, is a Singapore based company, mainly used in South-East Asia. The app exists for Android and iOS.

Other big players are Lyft (in the US and Canada), Gett (mainly in the UK and Israel, but also in the US and Russia), MyTaxi(mainly Germany and Spain but also other European countries), EasyTaxi(mainly Brasil but also in Africa), Careem (Middle-East and UAE), Olacabs(India but also Australia, New Zealand and the UK)), Yandex.Taxi(Russia),  Go-Jek (Indonesia) and KuaidiOne (China).

5. Trail Wallet

When you’re travelling, or even when you’re home, it can be good to keep track of how much you spend every week or every day. This budget tracking app has many options. You can just add your expenses or define your maximum daily budget. That way you can perfectly follow up your expenses and be sure not to go over budget. The great thing is when you add your expenses, you can see how much you’re spending by category. You can define these yourself, for example, food, transport, entertainment, etc. In our opinion one of the handiest travel apps.
The app exists for iOS

6. XE Currency Converter

This app provides the different currency rates really fast and accurate  (up to the minute). You can add your own currency and the ones of the countries you are visiting. You can save them even when you’re offline. So if you’re buying a souvenir you have an extra mate to help you bargain the price!
The app exists for Android and iOS

7. WhatsApp

Whatsapp is a great messaging app for travellers. It doesn’t use much data and is, therefore, a very good option when travelling abroad. You can easily add your friends and contacts. You can call them, send movies, pictures or voice memos. A lot of guides and drivers are already using it so you can reach them very easily without having to call local phone numbers.
The app exists for Android and iOS

8. Google Translate

This one doesn’t need an introduction. They do have a new feature now that you can snap a photo and then translate text into English for example. No more problems if you don’t understand street signs, can’t read the menu or have no idea what the store sign says. And the good thing is you can use it offline. We used it a lot when we tried to have conversations with local people or taxi drivers who couldn’t speak English. A travel app that can’t be missed on your device.
The app exists for Android and iOS

9. Booking.com

We use this one for booking hotels as it is still one of the top sites for finding accommodation. With the app, you can easily see your information on the go. For example, when you’re in the taxi, it is handy for showing the driver the address. Or for booking last minute, which will often give you great discounts!
The app exists for Android and iOS

10. NordVPN

This one is a lifesaver when you are a digital nomad. When you want to work abroad while travelling, you absolutely need to have this installed on your device. But also when you’re not working, it comes in very handy! You can still listen to Spotify, watch programs from your home country, … How does it work? By choosing any country you want, you to make your device believe that you’re located in that country. That could be your home country, but also another one if you want to test something out. It does cost some money but you won’t regret it.
More info can be found here.




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