“Once people come to Australia, they join the team.” – Tony Abbott


Welcome to the land down under where the kangaroos hop, the koalas cuddle, and the Great Barrier Reef dazzles! This isn’t just a place where the toilets swirl the other way; it’s a continent brimming with sun-soaked adventures like The Stuart Highway, curious critters, and tales that’ll have you chuckling over your brekkie.

Discover the secrets of the outback, where the red sands whisper stories of the Dreamtime, or go surfing at the Gold Coast. Our articles are packed with facts that’ll make you feel like a true-blue expert on all things Australian. So slap on some sunscreen, grab a cold one, and settle in for a fair dinkum read that’s as entertaining as watching a kangaroo in a footy match. Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie and get started, shall we? 


Whether you’re planning your own Aussie adventure or simply daydreaming about the land of endless horizons, join us at The Global Wizards’ Australian travel diary. We stayed for 3 months in Australia in 2021 with our two kids, Yuna en Hanne.

Let’s turn the page together and begin an unforgettable journey that will leave your wanderlust fully satiated and your heart yearning to explore the magic of Australia.

Litchfield National Park 4WD with rooftop tent

Travel Diary #9: Darwin, Katherine and car trouble

Whoopee! Finally! We arrived in Australia. We doubted for a long time if we would come over here. Australia was on our bucket list for ages, but because it is so expensive to travel in this amazing country, we weren’t sure now was the time for us. But then we thought, hey, we only live

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Australia NSW Victoria Lake Tyers Endless Beaches

Travel Diary #12: The endless beaches from Melbourne to Sydney

After our adventures through the outback, along the Great Ocean Road and in Melbourne, our next destination was Sydney. A city that appeals to the imagination with the opera house, the beautiful Harbour Bridge, famous beaches, surfers … We can not wait to explore it all. But since we travel by car, we have to

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Sydney View Kids Harbour Bridge Opera House

Travel Diary #13: Sydney, a city with many faces

After a fantastic trip along the coast of New South Wales, we reach Sydney! A city that still speaks to our imagination! For us, the parents, because of the opera house, the bridge, the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, … For the children, it is the city where the father of Nemo finds his son

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Bundaberg Mon Repos Beach Queensland Travel Diary

Travel Diary #14: Brisbane and a little part of Queensland

The Gold Coast With the holiday season coming up, we found two houses in the suburbs of Brisbane through Aussie Housesitters. The concept is that we look after people’s house and their pets while they are travelling. Since many Australians visit their family or travel during their summer vacation and the holidays, we quite easily

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