Work with us

We’ve been entrepreneurs for several years now. We have our own Web development business, called The Wizards and our now starting as professional bloggers with The Global Wizards.

Some years ago, we also started our own webshop and physical store and made it into a successful business. Having a never ending wander lust however, we realised we couldn’t stay put in one place and now our former colleagues continue the shop.

To start a new company, make people to know it, get the social media right, is something we’re getting very good in. Not only in the theoretical way, but also out of practical experience.

So maybe we can help you with your business, or we can help each other to boost each other businesses.

Web/Blog development

Do you want to travel and work? Be a digital nomad? Own your own webshop? Have a beautiful website or blog? We can help you. We’ve been entrepreneurs for many years now. Jurgen is an experienced website and webshop developer. Heleen has a master degree in marketing and experience in social media marketing. We even used to have our own webshop, so lots of experience in that area. And last but not least, we know how to take a good picture, which is essential for your business.

What we can do for you or your business:

– Do you want to be a professional blogger? We can boost your existing blog to the next level through good design and SEO. Or we can create a completely new one for you.

– In need of a professional website? We can develop your website in WordPress, completely responsive and with good SEO.

– Always dreamed of your own webshop? We’ll build a beautiful webshop in Prestashop or Woocommerce, with excellent layout and SEO.

Get more information on, contact us on or through this website.

Boost your BLOG/Product/Destination

With our blog we will reach a very specific audience. An audience interested in (family) travel, photography and food. But also an audience who wants to be a digital nomad or start his/her own blog/website. Do you have a product, accommodation, activity, business or destination you want to get featured on our blog, do contact us. We have to be honest however, we will give our true opinion if we test out something. Our audience wants honest articles and insights and needs to be able to trust our judgment.

Do you have a blog of your own and you want to reach more people? Please contact us as we might be able to work together. Guest blogging, instagram shoutouts, relevant linking, … will boost both our businesses.

You can contact us be email to, fill in our contact form on this website or get in touch through our social media.