Who are we?

Hi, nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Our names are Jurgen, Heleen, Yuna (2010) and Hanne (2011) and we are a Belgian travel family, passionate about exploring the world with our kids and enjoying our time together. You can learn more about us on our ‘Who are we?’ page.

We want to inspire other families to travel as well by capturing our adventures and stories through professional photography and videography and posting articles on this blog. Our audience is actively looking for information about destinations, where to stay, which activities to plan, what to wear, …

We love to partner up with brands who want to highlight their product, service or place and/or are looking for new promotional material. Hopefully, we can work together with you by delivering stunning content for both your brand and ourselves. We want to share our experiences with our engaged audience without losing our authenticity. In the end, we want to work together with your team by focusing on promoting those aspects that will make your business grow in a profitable way. We believe that our professional backgrounds in marketing, web development and photography will be a great asset for your brand.

Let’s Work Together

We know there are probably many players out there, who contact you to work together. But we believe we can give you a unique opportunity to partner up with professional photographers and marketeers, who travel around the world with their kids. We can capture our kids and family in their most spontaneous moments, promoting the best aspects of your brand in a way that is relatable for both our audiences. Please check our media kit for more information.

What can we offer


We can offer professional pictures of our family enjoying your product, place or service as well as drone and underwater photography! We aim to tell your story in a relatable way for both our audiences.


We can create a fantastic little video for your brand, of our family enjoying your product, place or service. Besides our camera, we can also incorporate drone and underwater footage.

Written content

On our blog, we can provide an article about our experiences with your brand. All of our blog posts are shared on our social media such as Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Press trips

If you’re looking for professional content on your destination, brand or event and you want to promote this to thousands of families, we can help you. We can create both visual and written content and create a social media campaign for both our audiences.

Product/place Review

Our audience is actively looking for brands providing them answers for their travels. Such as what to wear, where to go, which gear to take, … If you have a product, place or service that might be interesting for our audience, we’re happy to test it out!

Brand Ambassadorship

Looking for a family representing your brand for a longer period of time? We can create great content together and regularly share it on both of our social media channels.Β 


With an MBA in marketing (Heleen) and a web developer (Jurgen), we can give you advice on how to grow your business. Whether it’s a better website/webshop, social media advice or content creation.Β 

Social Media Campaign

We can create a campaign to enhance your social media leverage, by creating amazing content and sharing it on both our social media channels. We are active on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube and can give advice on how to get the most out of them.Β 

Social Media

We’re very active on our social media channels. Please check our media kit for more information and click through to discover more!

Let’s get in touch

We are looking forward working together with you and your team! If you think you have an interesting opportunity or you would like to discuss anything with us, please contact us at info@theglobalwizards.comΒ or through one of our social media channels.

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