Do you want to live the life you always dreamed of?

Stuck in the rat race? Working all day and running around like crazy just to get the essential stuff done? Which results in almost no time left to spend with your loved ones or to do what you really love?

We’ve been there! We used to work long hours, looking out of the window, dreaming about all the other things we’d love to do. Our kids were growing up, without seeing their parents much. And when we got to spend time together, we had to run from one social event to the other.

Although we had fun too, we lost control over our own lives. And most importantly, we couldn’t live the life we always dreamed of!

It doesn’t have to be like that! You’re never too old to chase your dreams.

On this blog, we hope to inspire you how to change your life, do what you really love (travel more in our case), become financially independent, spend more time together and live sustainably!

Our story

The Global Wizards Family consists of 2 big wizards Jurgen and Heleen and our two little wizards Yuna (2010) en Hanne (2011). We’re just an ordinary family, but we have some not so ordinary dreams!

  • Heleen is the dreamer, the photographer, the marketeer and has a never-ending wanderlust.
  • Jurgen is the cook, keeps Heleen with her both feed on the ground, the best dad and the web developer.
  • Yuna is the creative one, full of ideas, with tons of energy and loves to explore nature.
  • Hanne is the musical one, who loves to read and play, with the biggest heart for her family and friends.

We’ve always taken ‘strange’ steps, took decisions other families probably wouldn’t have. Like exploiting our own restaurant in the middle of an old forest for a year. Or start our own webshop in children’s clothing and turning it in a physical shop together with another couple. Jurgen also started a company as a web developer.

But after years of working long hours, it didn’t feel right anymore. We couldn’t see our two girls enough, were ‘stuck’ in one location, a little bit lost in the rat race… We had the feeling there was far more to our lives than how we were living it now. And on top of that, our never-ending wanderlust kept on coming back! 

So we decided to leave it all, give up our own business, sell our house, earn our money online, homeschool and become a full-time adventurous travel family. 

Since the end of August 2018, we’ve been travelling the world with our young girls, while homeschooling and working online on the road to make it all possible. A challenge, that’s for sure.

But we believe we will get much out of it and this lifestyle will give our daughters and ourselves some wonderful values:

  • Enjoying to be outside, loving the wilderness and freedom of nature
  • Learning to be together all the time and tightening our family bond
  • Treating animals and Mother Earth in with respect, living sustainably
  • Being aware that we don’t need that much material luxury
  • Discovering the human diversity and respecting all the differences between us

Some of our friends have been calling us entrepreneurs. Others think we are crazy. We sometimes have the feeling we are still looking for our path in life. Have we found it now? We hope and think so! There’s a good chance we won’t be travelling full-time forever, but we do like this lifestyle.

We love the freedom, the family time, exploring the world, being financially independent and making a living out of our passions.

We also bought an old VW BUS. When we’re not discovering other continents, we use our bus to explore our home country Belgium and the rest of Europe.


Over the years, we have learned a lot about chasing our dreams and how to live the life we always dreamed of! We want to share all of our tips and tricks here on The Global Wizards!

We will learn you how to:

  • Become financially independent and earn your income online
  • Create more time to do what you really love, follow your passions, instead of living a life you don’t want
  • Spend more quality time together
  • Live sustainably

We will share our own passions and show you how to:

  • Travel more and better (with kids, adventurous, sustainable, for every budget, van life)
  • Get more out of your photography
  • Plan fun activities for kids (including homeschooling)
  • Prepare healthy food from all over the world

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our blog! We can’t wait to take you along our journey and help you to make those dreams reality! Everybody deserves to live the life they dream of!

Lots of love,
Jurgen, Heleen, Yuna en Hanne

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