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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Family Travel Families Instagram Account Follow

50 Travel Families on Instagram you should follow

I have been following travel families on Instagram for a while now and I have to say they’ve inspired me enormously! Especially ever since we’ve been active on the gram ourselves as a travelling family, I have met, followed and admired a lot of our companions. They help me plan a trip or make me

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Kuala Lumpur Water Fun Family Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Discover Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Kuala Lumpur

During our time in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), where we spent a couple of weeks, we want to surprise our girls with a nice day out. I wrote an article on what to do in Kuala Lumpur with kids a while ago, but we didn’t have the chance to try out everything during our first visit.

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Travel Family Families Fulltime Vlog Video Youtube

Our Favourite Travel Families On Youtube in 2019

Posting videos and having a vlog is hot, so that’s why we want to introduce you to our favourite travel families on Youtube! Check them out if you want to see how they travel fulltime, how they live, what adventures they have! Family travel vlogs are a great way to get to know those families

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Best Family Travel Podcasts 2019 Inspiration

10 Family Travel Podcasts you should listen to in 2021

I’m actually quite new to the family travel podcast scene, or to the whole podcast concept to be honest. In Belgium, podcasts really aren’t a big thing. So I heard of them, but never actually listen to one. That was until I started to travel full time with my family and learned more about the

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Nomad Safaris Tour Family Gorge Queenstown Stunning

Travel Diary #17: New Zealand, the Southern Island part 3

Queenstown, the city of adventure and Lord Of The Rings After our adventures in the southernmost part of New Zealand, we arrive in Queenstown. This city is beautifully situated, surrounded by mountains and next to one of the largest lakes in NZ, Lake Wakatipu. You can do all kinds of water activities there. From water

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80 Best Travel Quotes and Images to Inspire your Wanderlust

Travel quotes, some may find them cheesy, but I have to admit I totally love them! Travel is what connects us all, and inspirational travel quotes often express how we feel about travel. I hope these quotes will inspire you to start an adventure, will make you dream about destinations far away and fuel your

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Travel Apps General Best Blog

10 Best Travel Apps for 2021

1. Airbnb A lot of people know Airbnb by now. It’s an online marketplace where you can rent accommodation or book an experience near your destination. People can rent out their a room or even the entire house when they are on vacation. At least, that was the beginning of it. Locals renting out their

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Travel Gear Family Gifts Kids The Global Wizards

Best travel gifts for kids

You probably know the feeling… There is a birthday coming up, it’s almost Christmas or there is a special occasion. Time to look for a present! And responsible as we are, we want to look for something useful or educational. But let’s be honest with ourselves, we also want the kid to be thrilled with

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Jeep Nomad Safaris Queenstown New Zealand Adventure Family

A jeep tour with Nomad Safaris, an amazing family adventure!

One of the main reasons we came to Queenstown during our adventures in New Zealand was to have some amazing adventurous family adventures! Queenstown is after all the adventure capital of New Zealand, situated on the Southern Island and surrounded by some absolutely breathtaking nature! After searching the Internet and the travel bible “The Lonely

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Cruise Milford Sound Kids Vessel Nature New Zealand

Our breathtaking journey with Cruise Milford

Milford Sound, one of those places that call to the imagination! Before coming to New Zealand, we had no idea what the highlights were. But we did know the iconic image of Milford Sound, as we came across it on Instagram and in travel magazines. So no doubt we wanted to go over there and

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