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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”

Sunrise at Borobudur in Java with kids

Travel Diary #22: 2 weeks in Java with our kids

After 6 weeks in Bali, of which we spent 3 with our friends, we say goodbye to them and fly to Surabaya on Java. We have two more weeks to discover Java with our kids before we leave Indonesia and fly to Kuala Lumpur. Read more: The complete guide to Kuala Lumpur with kids Surabaya

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Travel Story Bali With Kids Reisverslag

Travel Diary #21: 6 weeks in Bali with our kids

Bali, an island that appeals to one’s imagination. It had been on our list for years after hearing so many wonderful stories about beaches, the amazing culture and relaxing vibe. Unfortunately, a few less attractive stories came to our attention as well. Mainly concerning all the tourists heading over there, which makes the island extremely

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Family Kids Reunion Krabi Thailand Full Time Travel

Travel Diary #20: Thailand with our family

It was planned for a long time that we are going to Thailand during the spring break because we have some important people coming over to visit us. Our family! Hanne and Yuna have been looking forward to seeing Grandma, Aunt Angelique, Uncle Tom, Ferre and Noor for months. Waiting for our family in Bangkok

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Travel Diary Family Kids Road Trip Northern Island New Zealand

Travel Diary #19: The Northern Island of New Zealand

After 3.5 weeks on the Southern Island, we have picked up our relocation campervan of Maui and are off to the Northern Island of New Zealand. We only have 1.5 weeks left in New Zealand, so no time to linger. Read more about our time on the Southern Island in our travel diary part one,

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Family Resorts Sanur Bali Beach

30 best family resorts in Sanur Bali

Planning a trip to Sanur in Bali? One of the hard parts when travelling with kids is finding good family accommodation. Plenty lovely spots out there for solo or couple travellers. But where to stay with kids? Luckily, Bali in general, and Sanur, in particular, has plenty of family resorts you will love. There is a

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Travel Luggage Kids Toddler Teens Trolley Suitcase

The best travel luggage for kids of all ages

Have you traveled with your kids before? You’re reading this blog so you probably have or are planning to. I don’t know about your kids, but ours love to have their suitcase or bag with them. Buying luggage for kids gives them a sense of responsibility, and makes them feel important. And they learn that

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Beach Bako National Park Borneo Jungle Walk Kids

Bako National Park: the complete guide for your visit

Bako National Park is situated in Sarawak, the southern province of Malaysian Borneo. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful national parks in Malaysia, with its lush rainforest, stunning wildlife, tropical beaches, and exciting walks. It’s home to the proboscis monkey, which sadly is an endangered species. If you come to Borneo, you

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Southern Island Road Trip Wharariki Beach

Travel Diary #18: New-Zealand, the Southern Island part 4

And so we arrived at part 4 of our travel diaries from the Southern Island of New Zealand. Unbelievable how much there is to see on one island! After discovering the south-east with Lake Tekapo an Mount Cook, the most southern part with The Catlins and Milford Sound and the south-west with Queenstown and the

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Family Travel Families Instagram Account Follow

50 Travel Families on Instagram you should follow

I have been following travel families on Instagram for a while now and I have to say they’ve inspired me enormously! Especially ever since we’ve been active on the gram ourselves as a travelling family, I have met, followed and admired a lot of our companions. They help me plan a trip or make me

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Travel Family Families Fulltime Vlog Video Youtube

Our Favourite Travel Families On Youtube in 2019

Posting videos and having a vlog is hot, so that’s why we want to introduce you to our favourite travel families on Youtube! Check them out if you want to see how they travel fulltime, how they live, what adventures they have! Family travel vlogs are a great way to get to know those families

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