Best Instagram Hubs / Feature Accounts For Moms and Families

Instagram Feature Accounts Moms Hubs Child Photography

What is an Instagram Feature Account for moms?

Basically, an Instagram hub or feature account shares the best pictures in their niche. Instagram feature accounts for moms share the best pictures of mom life, kids exploring their environment or child photography in general.

You need to tag them or use their hashtag for a chance to get featured. The moderators look through hundreds of these posts and share the most unique ones (in their opinion). It is a great way to get noticed by thousands of other accounts in your niche.

But Instagram feature accounts are far more than that. They are communities, connecting like-minded people. No idea who to follow in your niche? Check the Instagram hubs of your interests and there you go!

In my opinion, they are also a great way to improve your photography. Every hub wants to share the best of the best, the most inspiring and unique pictures. They are an inspiration to become better and also get a chance to be featured.

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Instagram hubs exist in practically every niche. In this article, we focus on feature accounts that are mom, kids or family-related.

Why should moms tag an Instagram Feature Account or Hub?

Get your picture featured

If you want other people to notice your account or would love some recognition for your work, it is amazing if you get featured by one of these Instagram hubs. Just tag them, use their hashtag and done. Easy right? 

Unfortunately not… Everybody who tried to get featured knows better, it’s very hard!

What should you do to get your post shared on their feed? Here are some tips.

Mix it up. Don’t always tag the same hubs or only big ones. I tag different Instagram feature accounts for moms on every post and a mix between smaller and bigger hubs. The bigger the account, the harder to get your post shared. Chances are if you get featured by a smaller one, you’ll get picked up by one of the big accounts. Tag them both.

Improve your photography and study other accounts that get featured. Those hubs share the best of the best. If you feel you’re not there yet, don’t get discouraged. See it as a way to improve your photography and editing skills. Use the other accounts as inspiration, look at their composition and the colours they use.

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Follow these accounts. Sometimes it just as simple as that. A lot of these Instagram hubs won’t feature you if you’re not following them. They want to support their community.

Tag the right hub for the right post. Before you tag a feature account, get the feel of their feed. Do they feature real-life mom life or stunning child photography? Do they prefer dark tones or bright colours? Depending on the picture you’re posting, tag accounts that are in line with the feeling and subject of your picture.

Join a community

Getting your picture featured is amazing, but you also want to tag and follow these accounts to become part of a community.

Are you a mom that loves photography? A mom who stays at home and is trying to cope with mom life? Or maybe a mom travelling the world with her kids, wanting to connect with like-minded families.

Community is everything. It connects us, makes us feel part of a group. Instagram is a great way to build such a community!

It’s not easy, however, to find these like-minded people in the Instagram jungle. Enter Instagram hubs! Find the Instagram feature accounts for moms depending on your interests, and check the accounts they feature.

You’ll get to know a lot of other moms to follow, all doing the same things you love! No more scrolling through your Instagram feed for hours looking for other fun or inspirational accounts (who has time for that anyway).

Grow your Instagram followers

I’ll be honest, getting your picture featured doesn’t mean you’ll get thousands of new followers at once. Unless your post is shared on one of the big hubs and it gets viral. But you will get new followers and your content published in front of a new audience that fits your niche and style.

These days, people can also follow hashtags of their niche or interests. Which means by using the specific hashtag of the Instagram feature account, tons of people will see your content even if your picture doesn’t get featured on the hub. A great way to make your content visible to like-minded accounts and grow your followers

Do you want to remember this article for later? Download our FREE cheat sheet with all the mom or family hubs and hashtags now, so you can use it the next time you post your picture on Instagram.

Best Instagram Hubs for Family Travel and Kids Exploring The Outdoors

Life is hard for us, the family travellers ?. There aren’t a lot of accounts that feature kids or families exploring the world.

You can find plenty of hubs on travel photography in general, but they often only feature travel pictures without people in them. Or there are the female and couple traveller accounts, but they won’t post family travel pictures or kids enjoying the outside.

So what to do? I did find a few hubs focussed uniquely on family travel. And there is a big group of Instagram feature accounts focussed on child photography in general.

On our Instagram account, I tag all of those hubs that are focussed on family travel in general or child photography of kids exploring the outdoors.

The more general child photography Instagram hubs are listed in the next section. A lot of them will feature outdoor pictures as well, so don’t forget to check them.

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@runwild.mychild (>50K)

One of my favourite hubs for outdoor child photography. @runwildmychild has featured us several times. The great thing is they share both typical child photography pictures of kids exploring the outside but also captures of children exploring the world.

Hashtag: #runwildmychild

Runwildmychild Outdoor Child Photography Hub

@hikeitbaby (>25K)

This growing community wants to help families with babies and toddlers to get outside. Tag @hikeitbaby on your best hiking and outdoor pictures with your kids.

hikeitbaby feature hub outdoor family hiking kids

@gowithnugget (>25K)

We have been featured a few times on @gowithnugget. They offer a great hub for travelling families and have good engagement. You’ll love their community and the information they provide. Don’t forget to check their blog and podcast.

Hashtag: #gowithnugget

@childhoodwonders (>10K)

This Instagram hub posts about all the wonders that childhood offers. Or as @childhoodwonders says with this quote: “There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.” – Walt Streightiff

Hashtag: #childhoodwonders

@familytraveller (>25K)

The @familytraveller account is also a magazine, inspiring other families to travel and giving them all the information they need.

Hashtag: #loveyourtimetogether

Familytraveller Instagram Hub Family Travel

@magicofthewildones (<10K)

This feature account is actually a new one I recently started myself. There are a lot of hubs for child photography out there but not many feature kids travelling the world. @magicofthewildones shows pictures of kids exploring the outside, close by or far away.

Hashtag: #magicofthewildones

Magic of the wild ones Feature Account Instagram Family Travel Kids

@childrenofmountains (>10K)

This lovely community encourages and connects mountain-minded families. Tag @childrenofmountains in your best family and kids pictures while exploring the mountains.

Hashtag: #childrenofmountains

Children Of Mountains Kids Outdoor Hub Community

@adventureswithchildren (<10K)

@adventureswithchildren is a lovely feature account and community, perfect for families having all kinds of adventures with their kids.

Hashtag: #adventureswithchildren

@childrenseemagic (>25K)

Kids, they see magic where we don’t… @childrenseemagic features these magical moments captures in stunning pictures.

Hashtag: #childrenseemagic

@bornwildproject (>50K)

Connecting all the kids and families that are born wild! @bornwildproject features your best family outdoor pictures.

Hashtag: #iwasbornwild

@babycantravel (>25K)

Travel doesn’t have to stop when your baby arrives, as they prove on @babycantravel. They share the best pictures of babies travelling the world.

Hashtag: #babycantravel

@famvacations (<10K)

@famvacations they feature your best family adventures. They are a small but growing community of travel families.

Hashtag: #familyvacation #familytravel

Famvacations Instagram Hub Family Travel

@wildandbravelittles (>25K)

Sharing our little ones being wild and brave. @wildandbravelittles is a great community focussing on kids being outside or being their wild selves.

Hashtag: #wildandbravelittleones

Wild And Brave Littles Hub Instagram Outdoor Kids

@tinybigadventure (>10K)

This lovely Instagram feature account focuses on building a community of families who love to be outdoors. Or as @tinybigadventures says: ordinary families doing extraordinary things in the outdoors.

Hashtag: #tinybigadventure

@letthemexplore (>25K)

Kids should explore. @letthemexplore shows us the best of kids exploring their environment!

Hashtag: #letthemexplore

Let them explore Kids Outside Instagram Feature Account

@woodland_kids (<10K)

@woodland_kids features the children of the outdoors. Kids love to play in the woods, moms and dads love to capture these moments.

Hashtag: #woodland_kids

Woodland Kids Outdoor Explore Instagram Feature Account

@littleadventures_bigpictures (<10K)

This feature page shares inspirational images of everyday childhood adventures. @littleadventures_bigpictures often share outdoor pictures.

Hashtag: #littleadventures_bigpictures

Little Adventures Big Pictures Childhood Hub Community

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Best Instagram Hubs for Child Photography

There are a lot of talented moms and dads, capturing kids in their most spontaneous moments, exploring their environment, and just being themselves.

All of the following Instagram hubs share these stunning pictures of the everyday moments of children. Some focus on candid pictures, others on the art of photography. A lot of them also feature outdoor child photography, so check these as well if you love to be outdoors with your family.

@magicofchildhood (>75K)

An amazing community of child photographers! @magicofchildhood features the most beautiful pictures of childhood.

Hashtag: #magicofchildhood

Magic Of Childhood Iinstagram Hub Child Photography

@my_magical_moments (>25K)

@my_magical_moments is another wonderful feature community showing us the most precious moments of childhood.

Hashtag: #my_magical_moments

@theartofchildhood (>20K)

This Instagram hub, @theartofchildhood features the most fun and intriguing pictures of kids exploring the world around them.

Hashtag: #theartofchildhood

Theartofchildhood Kids Children Child Hub Photography

@candidchildhood (>150K)

This huge community features the best candid shots of our kids. Tag @candidchildhood, get featured and maybe your picture goes viral.

Hashtag: #candidchildhood

@treasured.childhood (<10K)

@treasured.childhood shares the most magical moments of childhood. Tag them in your kids’ everyday moments.

Hashtag: #treasures_childhood

Treasured Childhood Kids Hub Instagram

@thephotographersnotebook (<10K)

This hub fits both the child photography as the mom and family life section. @thephotographersnotebook features everyday moments. If you want to learn more about photography, they also educate mom photographers.

Hashtag: #thephotographersnotebook

The Photographers Notebook Hub Family Mom Life Kids

@shared_joy (>10K)

Kids give us so much joy! @shared_joy shares the best captures of these joyful moments.

Hashtag: #shared_joy

Shared joy Instagram Feature Account Kids Children Outside (>10K)

This community of mothers and artists support and inspire each other. shares the most beautiful captures of our kids and family life.

Hashtag: #momtogcommunity

@thesugarjar (>25K)

@thesugarjar features sweet pictures. Also, check their monthly feature themes.

Hashtag: #the_sugar_jar


@infinity_children is an Instagram feature account shares the best images of children.

Hashtag: #infinity_children

Infinity Children Instagram Hub Kids Child Pictures

@momtogs (>75K)

Celebrating all mom photographers, this @momtogs community shares the best pictures and has an amazing engagement. With a bit of luck, your picture might go viral.

Hashtag: #momtogs

@kids_in_bnw (<10K)

Do you love black and white child photography? Tag @kids_in_bnw on your best childhood captures in black and white!

Hashtag: #kids_in_bnw

Kids Black And White Feature Page

@thegalleryoflight (>10K)

Every photographer needs to find the light. @thegalleryoflight showcases the art of photographing light. The reason why it is included in this list is that a lot of the pictures feature kids.

Hashtag: #galleryoflightfeature

Gallery Of Light Photography Feature Hub

@mom_hub (>25K)

A great community of moms capturing their kids in their most spontaneous moments. @mom_hub also has weekly themes.

Hashtag: #mom_hub

Mom Hub Feature Account Kids Child Family

@jj_its_kids (>25K)

@jj_its_kids feature a wide range of pictures. From portraits and close-ups to outdoor photography. Check out their themes and mom and dad days.

Hashtag: #jj_its_kids

JJ_its_kids Commuinty Child Kids Mom Photography (>100K)

This huge community of people loves pictures of children having fun. Tag for a chance to get your picture featured.

Hashtag: #pixel_kids

Pixel Kids Child Photography Kids Children Hub

@project_faceless (>10K)

I love the original idea of this Instagram feature account. @project.faceless shares pictures of kids without ever showing their faces.

Hashtag: #project_faceless

Project Faceless Instagram Hub Community Kids Photography

@simplychildren (>10K)

@simplychildren shares candid pictures of kids. Check their weekly themes as well.

Hashtag: #simplychildren

@purelyauthenticchildhood (<10K)

As they put it so beautifully themselves, @purelyauthenticchildhood captures the pureness and authenticity of childhood.

Hashtag: #purelyauthenticchildhood

Purely Authentic Childhood Hub Kids Photography

@let_there_be_delight (>10K)

@let_there_be_delight shares emotional pictures with a focus on purposeful light. Check their monthly themes as well.

Hashtag: #let_there_be_delight

Let There Be Delight Instagram Hub Light Kids Childhood

@dearest_viewfinder (>10K)

@dearest_viewfinder shares your dearest moments captured through your viewfinder. Check their monthly themes.

Hashtag: #dearestviewfinder

Dearest Viewfinder Instagram Feature Hub Child Photography

@lookslikefilmkids (>10K)

@lookslikefilmkids features a mix of portraits and candid shots of kids exploring their surroundings.

Hashtag: #lookslikefilmkids

Lookslikefilmkids Feature Account Child Photography Kids Outdoor

@bnw_littles (<10K)

If you love black and white photography, you should follow this account. @bnw_littles features the best monochrome moments with your littles.

Hashtag: #bnw_littles

Black and White Children Kids Child Photography Hub

@thedocumentyourdaysproject (>10K)

@thedocumentyourdaysproject is a community of moms and dads that believes in documenting the simple beauty of the everyday. Check their monthly themes.

Hashtag: #documentyourdays

Document Your Days Childhood Photograpy Candid Kids Feature Account

@camera_mama (>75K)

This amazing community shares the most beautiful pictures of kids and their parents. @camera_mama gives you tips and inspiration for photographing your own family as well.

Hashtag: #cameramama

Camera Mama Mom Life Kids Photography Instagram Hub

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Best Instagram Hubs for Moms And Family Life

The following accounts, don’t focus on the kids but on mom and family life in general. They show us real life, behind the Instagram pictures as well.

Tag them for your most honest, beautiful, real or funny pictures concerning mom life and your family.

@motherhoodunhinged (>10K)

@motherhoodunhinged is all about real mom life. Or as they say so beautifully, taking a look into the messy, beautiful, raw, everyday moments of motherhood.

Hashtag: #motherhoodunhinged

@clickinmoms (>100K)

This photography community features all kinds of mom and family moments. @clickinmoms also wants to teach us how to take the best candid pictures of the moments that matter.

Hashtag: #clickinmoms

Clickinmoms Feature Hub Mom Kids Photography

@motherhoodthroughletterboards (>50K)

Letterboards, you gotta love them. @motherhoodthroughletterboards feature motherhood, one letterboard at a time.

Hashtag: #motherhoodthroughletterboards

Motherhood Through Letterboards Instagram Feature Account

@thebump (>500K)

@thebump is a huge community where they share all the adventures of parenthood.

Hashtags: #thebump #myformerbump

The Bump Instagram Feature Account Parenthood Pregnancy

@motherhoodiscolorful (<10K)

@motherhoodiscolorful features the most beautiful captures of motherhood and childhood.

Hashtag: #motherhoodiscolorful

Motherhood Is Colorful Feature Accounts Moms (>400K)

The amazing and huge community of shows us all aspects of motherhood. Supporting all mamas out there!

Hashtag: #motherly

Motherly Instagram Community Hub Moms

@pho_mom_grapher (<10K)

A new feature account but I already love their style! @pho_mom_grapher shares images of moms getting in the frame with their kids.

Hashtag: #pho_mom_grapher

Pho_mom_graphers Hub Moms Kids

@honestlyparents (<10K)

@honestlyparents shares pictures of daily parenting life. They feature the reality, the chaos, the joy, the messy, the hard and the beautiful.

Hashtag: #honestlyparents

Honestlyparents Instagram Feature Account Parenthood Moms

@momsintheframe (<10K)

Celebrating all moms getting in the frame! @momsintheframe shares the most beautiful moms with their kids.

Hashtag: #momsintheframe

@parenthood_moments (>10K)

Parenthood is beautiful and @parenthood_moments features the best moments of parents and their kids.

Hashtag: #parenthood_moments

Parenthood Moments Instagram Feature Accounts

@thefamilynarrative (>10K)

The community of @thefamilynarrative consists of family photographers inspiring each other with their family life pictures.

Hashtag: #thefamilynarrative

Thefamilynarrative Family Photographers Hub

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Best Instagram Hubs for Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a beautiful and special time, but also a confusing and emotional period in your life. These Instagram feature accounts share the funniest, real, beautiful, emotional or raw pictures of pregnancy and motherhood.

@inspirepregnancy (>400K)

Showing us the best of pregnancy and motherhood. Tag @inspirepregnancy to get your best pictures featured.

Hashtag: #inspirepregnancy

Inspire Pregnancy Feature Account Motherhood

@pregnantandperfect (>400K)

Tag @pregnantandperfect to show the real, the fancy, the funny and every other side of pregnancy and motherhood.

Hashtags: #pregnantandperfect

Pregnantandperfect Hub Pregnancy Motherhood

@cute_pregnancy (>100K)

@cute_pregnancy shares the most beautiful pictures of moms waiting to meet their new baby.

Hashtag: #cutepregnancy

@super_pregnant007 (>100K)

The amazing community of @super_pregnant007 wants to support and empower other pregnant mamas.

Hashtag: #superpregnant7

Super Pregnancy Instagram Community Feature Pregnant Mamas

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