Rookburgh, Phantasialand: two days in a mysterious world

Rookburgh Phantasialand Explorer Society Fly

It’s finally happening! We head to Germany for a 2-day trip to Phantasialand, with an overnight stay in the mysterious world of Rookburgh. We have been looking forward to it for a while and the children are almost unstoppable!

Rookburgh has only recently opened and immerses you in the industrial 1920s. It is the period when man’s dream to fly became a reality. Will we also be able to fly this weekend?

Phantasialand is located just across the German border in Bruhl, close to Cologne and after a 3-hour drive from Belgium, we arrive at this fantastic theme park. Time to become an exclusive member of the Explorers’ Society and take you on our wonderful journey through this fantastic world!

Rookburgh and the Explorers’ Society

We mentioned it before, the exclusive Explorers’ Society. But what does that mean? If you want to experience Rookburgh by day and night, you can buy the Explorers’ package.

Below is the promo video that we saw and which made us really excited!

With this package, you get exclusive access to the Charles Lindbergh hotel, a private entrance to the park, special tickets to the F.L.Y. (more on that later), a delicious three-course meal and breakfast at the Uhrwerk restaurant, exclusive access to Bar 1919, and the opportunity to stroll the streets of Rookburgh in the evenings (when the rest of the park is actually closed).

Not convinced yet ;-)? Let’s give you some more information about what you can do at Rookburgh in Phantasialand.

Spend the night like an aeronaut at Hotel Charles Lindbergh

After we have left the car in the hotel’s private parking, we can check in. The facade of the hotel is already promising.

Lobby Hotel Charles Lindbergh Rookburgh Phantasialand

As soon as the gate opens, you enter a completely new world. We are catapulted back to the 1920s, the era of aviation pioneers.

Check-in Hotel Charles Lindbergh Rookburgh

At the check-in, we are briefed like a real pilot by one of the friendly employees and we are assigned our aeronauts cabin. We can’t get lost with our cool, personalized navigation map!

Hotel charles Lindbergh Rookburgh Phantasialand

The two aeronautical cabins are connected with an inner door so our girls don’t have to worry about anything. Each cabin is also equipped with a bathroom, TV, and, of course, the necessary attributes of the previous owners, the pilots of Rookburgh. Their photos and certificates are everywhere, even the newspaper is still there.

Hotel charles Lindbergh Aeronaut Cabine
Aeronaut Cabine Rookburgh Phantasialand overnight

We sleep on the third floor, from which you also have a beautiful view of the entire Rookburgh world with its many beautifully elaborated details. In the distance, you can even see zeppelins hanging, ready to fly.

Rookburgh Phantasialand F.L.Y. Overview

But the children are unstoppable (and so are we…) and therefore want to go to the F.L.Y. as soon as possible! Via the exclusive boarding gate of the Charles Lindberg Hotel, you can immediately enter the park.

Fly through Rookburgh with the Flying Launch Coaster or the F.L.Y.

Have you been wondering all your life what it feels like to fly? Not by plane, but fly yourself? With the F.L.Y. you’ll come very close!

Because you are a member of the Explorer’s Society, you also receive a Charles Lindbergh ticket, per person per day, which gives you exclusive access to the F.L.Y. No waiting in the queue at all.

Charles Lindbergh Ticket Fly Rookburgh

Through this gate, you enter the security section of the coaster where you have to store all loose items in a locker. You then receive a wristband to be able to collect everything after the ride.

The ride itself on the coaster is phenomenal. You fly through the Rookburgh world! Never before have we done something like this and this coaster is the only Flying Launch Coaster in the world. A unique experience!

Fly Flying Launch Coaster Rookburgh Phantasialand
F.L.Y. coaster Rookburgh Phantasialand

A nice sandwich with Zum Kohleschipper

After our long drive and first flight with the F.L.Y., it is time to grab a bite to eat. And for that, you have to go to Zum Kohleschipper.

They make delicious sandwiches, all fresh. You can choose a sandwich with ham, egg, chicken… The quality is really top! The food is definitely better compared to the typical fast food in other places.

Zum Kohleschipper Sandwich Rookburgh Food

A delicious dinner in Restaurant Uhrwerk

The rest of the day we explored the other themed worlds of Phantasialand, but more on that later. After a day of adventure, we return to Rookburgh.

As part of the Explorers’ Society, we can also enjoy a delicious meal in Restaurant Uhrwerk. This is located in Rookburgh as well and is exclusively reserved for hotel guests in the evenings. We are spoiled with a full three-course dinner.

Restaurant Uhrwerk Rookburgh Phantasialand

As a starter, you can choose between a poke bowl or a tartare. Both are incredibly tasty. Afterward, we eat a Rookburgher and handmade fries, all prepared with toppings of your choice. And the desserts are delicious too!

Explorers Society Dinner Restaurant Uhrwerk Burger
Poke Bowl Dinner Restaurant Uhrwerk Rookburgh
Dessert Explorer Society Rookburgh Phantasialand

Enjoy a cocktail at Bar 1919

Next to the Uhrwerk restaurant, you can find Bar 1919. Yuna and Hanne share a (non-alcoholic) cocktail while we taste the delicious beers. But we are all tired and after a while, we decide to go to bed because another day awaits for us to explore the rest of the park.

Bar 1919 Rookburgh Explorers Society overnight
Cocktail Bar 1919 Rookburgh Phantasialand

Rookburgh by night

Being part of the Explorers’ Society, and staying in the hotel, means you also get access to the Rookburgh area after 9 pm. You can walk around freely and enjoy all the details and lights.

Rookburgh Phantasialand Exclusive By Night

The F.L.Y. is closed but because of the special effects (such as the smoke coming from the sewers), you get a very mysterious atmosphere. We wander around for an hour and let our imaginations run wild.

Then it’s time to go back to our aeronaut’s cabin and enjoy our well-deserved night’s rest. Tomorrow is another day full of fantastic experiences.

Family in Rookburgh Evening Phantasialand
Details Rookburgh Phantasialand By Night
Light Rookburgh Explorer Society
Rookburgh Exclusive Entrance Night

Phantasialand: six themed worlds to discover

Phantasialand consists of much more than Rookburgh and is made up of 6 themed worlds. You have Mexico, Deep Africa, Klugheim, China Town, Fantasy, and Berlin (of which Rookburgh is a part).

After an extensive and delicious breakfast buffet in restaurant Uhrwerk, it is time to explore the rest of the park. Via the underground tunnel, we arrive from the industrial Rookburgh in the new Berlin and we can explore the rest of Phantasialand.

Breakfast Restaurant Uhrwerk Phantasialand

In Berlin itself, we enjoy the carousel, a crazy hotel, and the fantastic show Nobis, full of acrobatics and singing.

Fun Phantasialand Berlin World Carrousel

In the Klugheim world, you will find the Taron. We have never been on such a fast coaster! The decor is also beautiful and reminds us of our trip through Iceland. The basalt rocks look real.

The Crazy Bats is a hit as well. You get VR glasses on your head that follow the movements of the coaster. Another unique experience!

Add to that the Colorado Adventure (mine train roller coaster), the Chiapas (whitewater ride with the steepest descent in the world), and the Black Mamba (inverted coaster), and you’re back on track with the most spectacular attractions in the world.

Chiapas Water Coaster Phantasialand

And then there are, of course, the many delicious restaurants, beautifully elaborated streets in the theme of that world, attractions for those who want it a little less exciting, and much more. When we walk through Mexico, it seems like we are traveling in Yucatan again!

After checking out of our hotel, we buy some tasty chocolate and sweets at Emilie’s Chocolate & Candy for the way back. Everything is made here in-house! One of the gems to discover in Rookburgh.

Chocolate Store Rookburgh

What a fantastic weekend this was… completely away from the real world! Phantasialand has been on our list for a while and has not disappointed us! We’ll be back!

We were allowed to discover the Explorers’ Society at the invitation of Phantasialand. Nevertheless, this article reflects our own opinion, as always.

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