Virtual birthday party ideas for kids

Amazing ideas to organise a virtual birthday party for kids

A kid’s birthday, for them it is the most special day of the year!

They get to see all of their friends and family, have heaps of fun and, of course, receive a lot of gifts! Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, so many kids are stuck at home.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t make their day equally as special. We live in a digital era, so here enters the virtual birthday party for kids!

We actually have a bit of experience in this area, even prior to the pandemic and social distancing. As we travel full time, our kids both have had birthdays away from their friends and family.

Virtual party ideas come in handy for travellers too! It gives them the opportunity to see their relatives and friends and have some fun experiences. These long-distance birthday ideas make their day special, even though they are so far away.

We want to show you how to make someone birthday special online. It is so much more than just making a call and wishing someone happy birthday.

You’ll be surprised by how many amazing virtual kids’ birthday party ideas there actually are to make the whole experience something to remember!

Our girl celebrating her birthday at Tiga Lima Guesthouse in Yogyakarta
Our girl celebrated her ninth birthday in Asia, far away from friends and family with good food, lots of fun and a virtual birthday party

How to prepare a virtual birthday party

What is a virtual party? Essentially, it’s an online experience where the attendants log in from their homes and interact with each other.

Sounds pretty boring right? Not the perfect birthday party for kids. We want it to be much more than that! It has to be fun, entertaining, surprising and heartwarming.

With the right preparation and ideas, you can make this virtual birthday party for kids a big success! We want to make their hearts smile even though their loved ones and friends are not by their side.

Just like for every other party, planning is key! Here are the areas you need to cover.

  • Guestlist
  • Software
  • Kids birthday theme ideas
  • Virtual birthday invitations
  • Birthday party decorating ideas for kids
  • Virtual party games for a birthday party
  • Virtual birthday party snack ideas for kids
  • Long-distance birthday gift ideas

Let’s dive into it!

Prepare your guest list

No party without guest! So first of all, think about who you want to invite for your virtual kids’ birthday party! The great part is you can host as many as you want without extra costs!

Maybe you want two or more different guest lists? One for family and one for your kids’ friends? That way they would have more than one party, how cool is that!

This will maximise your screen time together without overwhelming your kid or the other guests. Too busy won’t work.

Try to work out a suitable time for your guests. You can spread them during the day, a great way to keep the party going! Or you can even make it a party week.

Decide on the software you want to use

A virtual birthday party is so much more than a call through Messenger or FaceTime, wishing the birthday girl or boy a happy birthday.

The software is just a medium, a way to get in contact with each other. But without the online software, there is no party. So better be prepared!

Contact everyone on your guest list before the party, make sure they download the right app and tell them how to use it. Do a test call before the party starts if necessary.

There are many applications out there which are very easy to use. Your choice will depend on the number of guests and the time your call will take.

  • Whatsapp: this app works great for up to 4 participants. Almost everybody has Whatsapp these days. If not, ask them to download it, they will most likely use it in the future too. Be sure everyone has the latest version.
  • Zoom: the free version of this platform allows up to 100 guests for a maximum of 40 minutes. If you want to call longer, you’ll need the paying version of Zoom. The great thing is it shows up to 25 people per screen and the other people don’t need a zoom account.
  • Skype: another great application that allows you to invite up to 50 people for free. Skype works perfect both on computers, tablets or smartphones.
  • Facebook Live – Messenger: allows you to host 6 people for a video call and up to 50 for an audio call. As almost everybody uses Facebook or Messenger, it’s a great tool for parties.
  • Group FaceTime: For iPhone users, very straightforward and hosts up to 32 people. But FaceTime is not available for Android users.
  • Google Hangouts: the Google Hangouts platform allows up to 25 people for a video call.
  • Houseparty: a fun app that is great for teens or tweens. On Houseparty, they can chat, but also play online games with each other such as Trivia.
Decide on the software or app to use for your virtual birthday party
So many great options if you want to organise a virtual birthday party

Choose a birthday theme

When you are looking for birthday party ideas for kids at home, why not pick an amazing birthday theme?

Your party might be virtual, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun theme for your party. Kids love them! For some, it’s their most favourite part of the day!

There are so many great birthday party theme ideas for kids out there! We found these fun theme ideas for girls and boys. Go wild!

Inform your guest list of the theme. Maybe they can prepare something themselves if they want to.

Birthday party theme for kids work also for virtual parties
Our girl chose a dia de los muertos theme for her birthday

Send out virtual birthday invitations

Every party needs its invitation. You could, of course, just send a text message. But why not make some fun virtual birthday party invitations?

Don’t forget to put the date, hour, application and log in (if needed) on the invitation. Are you having a themed birthday party? Use it for the card.

If you’d love your guests to prepare something for the virtual birthday party of your kid, mention it on the card so they won’t forget.

There are lots of great sites for virtual birthday invitations out there. Some are free, others ask a few bucks for their amazing designs. We love Evite or Etsy. Or you could design one yourself with Freepik.

Virtual birthday party decoration ideas for kids

Have you ever been to a party with no decoration whatsoever? I hope not! Every party deserves its own decoration! And so should your virtual birthday party.

There are lots of great at home birthday party ideas for kids when it comes to decoration. For a virtual party, choose an amazing backdrop!

When the call starts, make sure your kid is sitting right in front of your fun creation. Don’t forget to work around your birthday party theme.

If you are creative or looking for affordable birthday party ideas for your decoration, why not make it a fun DIY project? Check this article with some DIY birthday party ideas for kids to make your own backdrop.

If you don’t have much time, look for birthday party decoration kits and other backdrops online.

Some fun backdrop birthday party ideas for kids are:

You could even ask you guests if they want to decorate their backdrop a bit as well, so it becomes more festive for the birthday boy or girl.

Garland backdrops for a virtual birthday party
Garlands always work well for any party, including a virtual one!

Best virtual party games for kids

A virtual birthday party can be so much more than just a video call.

There are so many fun virtual party games. Or get creative and organise a make-up or hairstyle party, a Lego party, magic show, virtual tea party or Karaoke.

Some of the coolest birthday party ideas for kids are also possible when hosting a virtual party. Here are some amazing tips!

Have an art and craft party

Almost all kids love to paint and craft. It probably would be the activity you’d organise if you had a regular party.

But no reason to think birthday party craft ideas for kids are completely off-limits for a virtual birthday party!

Send the idea together with your invitation. Most families with kids have basic art and craft supplies, but if you want them to work on a certain theme or on the same piece, send over the material they need.

Let them make the painting, drawing or craft piece ahead or during the party.

You could watch the same YouTube video together that walks them through the art project. Do a little show afterwards so they can reveal what they have made.

Organise a paint and art party for your virtual party and show off the results

Do a birthday interview

A fun game to play during your virtual birthday party is who knows the birthday girl or boy best?

Send the participants some questions a few days before the party. During the call, you can go over all the questions and check the answers. I bet you’ll have a lot of fun with them!

You can make a fun questionnaire yourself. Or check these printable birthday interviews, ready to be sent to the other guests.

Have a scavenger hunt

All kids love scavenger hunts and they are great inexpensive birthday party ideas for kids! Organise an amazing birthday scavenger hunt for the party kid.

Send the clues to the other kids. Every riddle, clue or assignment can be read out loud by somebody attending the virtual party. And everybody can follow the hunt of the party kid online.

Check these 5 fun photo scavenger hunts. Again ask them to read the assignments or let the other kids play the game before the party. They can show the results to each other during the call. The more creative everybody gets, the more fun!

Indoor or outdoor photo scavenger hunt for kids

Watch a movie together

Nothing cosier when watching a movie with your friends. One of the most fun indoor birthday party ideas for kids.

For a virtual birthday party, you can do the same. After you’ve played some virtual games, get out the popcorn and soda and let the kids watch together.

There are different extensions available to allow you to play a movie at the same time, most of them with live chat rooms.

Get the Netflix party extension, let your kid choose its favourite movie and invite their friends to join in.

Another extension is Kast, which you can download on your desktop or mobile. They have a great explanation on how to host a watch party.

The last one is TwoSeven, a way to watch movies together from anywhere in the world. It covers different streaming networks such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney, …

Play online (board) games together


Everybody knows and loves bingo. You could send your guests a printable bingo game upfront, so they all can play along.

Check these amazing printable bingos for kids.

Another way is this online service, Bingo Maker, which allows you to create your own Bingo game.

Other popular games

Pictionary is a fun game to play at a virtual birthday party. Make up a list of words and let the birthday kit draw. Or ask the parents upfront to provide pen and paper so they can take turns in drawing something.

Also check out Charades, Categories, Taboo or Name It. All games that can perfectly be played together through a video call.

Playing games together for a virtual birthday party
A virtual birthday party shouldn’t just be a video call, you can play games together too!

Play video games online with each other

Many kids who have a Nintendo DS, Playstation or other console at home are already subscribed to their online platforms. Let them play some fun video games together during the party while being connected through a chat.

With Tabletopia you can play online board games together with friends all over the world. Inform the parents so they can subscribe before the party. Another fun application is Pogo.

Roblox is another online gaming platform. They have a huge range of some of the most popular games. Here are some examples of games they can play together during a virtual party.

For families, Caribu is a great app to make video calling more fun. They will make it much easier for grandparents to connect with their grandchildren. The app offers different games you can play during your call, some of which are suitable for toddlers too. You’ll love this one!

Do a sing or dance party

Fun birthday party ideas for kids often include some dancing or singing! Send a playlist to all the attendees and let the kids dance and sing together. They will love it!

Maybe plan a karaoke or sing-along session. Let them free dance! So many possibilities to get them moving.

Another great idea is to pick a TikTok dance and let the kids challenge each other. They can send over their video or post it on TikTok. Which kid wouldn’t like a virtual birthday TikTok challenge?

A dance show is a great virtual party idea
Performing a virtual dance show

Use a third-party app or organisation during your virtual party

If you are looking for unique birthday party ideas for kids when hosting a virtual party, you might want to check out one of these apps.

Skyzone is actually a trampoline park, who now offers free virtual birthday parties. You have to fill in a form for a party up to 10 people and you get contacted by their employees. They will guide your party for about 25 minutes and let the kids sing, dance, play and be creative together.

Marco Polo is a fun app to use for a virtual birthday party. You can send each other video birthday messages. Use some of the video filters and voice effects, such as the helium-option. The kids will love it!

Another fun app which allows you to make a surprise video for the birthday kid is Vidhug. Ask your guests to join the app and make an awesome video together as a surprise!

Virtual birthday party food ideas for kids

Eating together, sharing some cake. An essential part of every birthday party. But is it impossible if you’re having a virtual party?

No, it isn’t! Ask the other parents to get some dessert as well and eat virtual birthday cake together. Let the kid blow out the candles while everybody is singing Happy Birthday.

If your guests live close by, you could deliver or drop off some dessert. Maybe cupcakes you made together with the birthday girl or boy?

Another fun thing to do is bake cookies or cupcakes together. Ask the other parents to get the ingredients or deliver them.

Birthday cakes are essential for a kids' birthday party
Even a virtual birthday party deserves a beautiful birthday cake

Virtual birthday party gift ideas for kids

Every kid loves a favour when they go to a birthday party. If you are hosting a virtual party, you can bring the party to your friends by sending over a goodie bag with party props, small gifts, …

If they also need some materials to use during the party, make a nice party box out of it. Include some decorations such as balloons, craft materials, ingredients for a recipe, printed games and of course some small gifts, treats or favours.

Birthday party gift ideas for kids
Kids love a little birthday favour for their party

A few last tips for the perfect virtual birthday party

If you want to host a virtual birthday party they will never forget, early planning is key! Have your guest list ready and involve the other parents in your plans.

Especially for toddlers and younger kids, keep the party short! Around 30 minutes will be plenty for those little ones. Older kids won’t mind if it takes a little longer but don’t let the chaos take over the party.

Another great tip is to have a sort of a beginning, middle and ending. That way the party will be much more organised and structured preventing it from becoming a mess.

And last but not least, you want to have something to remember. Take pictures during the party and ask the other parents to do the same. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of the video call too!

I hope you have all the tips now to host an amazing virtual birthday party! Have fun!

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Learn how to organise a virtual birthday party for kids
Amazing ideas to organise a virtual birthday party for kids

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