30+ best gifts for RV owners: RV gifts camper owners will love

Gifts for RV owners camper

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Looking for gift ideas for RV owners for their birthday, Christmas, or another occasion? Something they can actually use or will be thrilled about? Look no further, we have you covered! In this list, we will go over all the best RV gifts that any RV or camper owner will love.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for campers who like to explore on the weekend or full-time RV’ers, they all want something that is useful, and compact but also makes their trip more enjoyable.

We’ve been traveling in an RV, camper, and now in our VW bus for many years, and have a lot of experience with most of these products. You’ll find gift ideas for RV campers, gifts for new RV owners, camper van gifts, and even some van life gifts.

As this is an RV gift guide, we chose to list the best gifts for motorhome owners that are fun to give as a present. The less exciting RV and van life essentials such as electrical or safety stuff aren’t included here.

Have fun exploring our gift ideas for camper owners and let us know if they liked them!

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RV gifts Camper owners
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This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of these links, we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Please read our affiliate disclosure and privacy policy for more information.

1. Portable propane fire pit

Propane fire pit RV gifts

Camplux outdoor propane fire pit

No more smoke or ashes but still the pleasure of a beautiful fire in the evening. A portable propane fire pit is the perfect gift for RV lovers.

If you like it the traditional way, with wood, this portable Solo Stove is a great choice. It is designed for less smoke and more flame.

2. Blackstone outdoor grill

portable outdoor grill RV gift idea

Portable outdoor grill Blackstone

Most RV owners love to cook outside and this portable outdoor grill is perfect for that. It’s propane-fueled and very easy to clean. Ideal if you’re looking for RV camping gifts.

3. Dutch oven for camping

Dutch oven for camping gift

Overmont cast iron Dutch Oven

If you follow us on our Instagram, you know we love to cook outside in our Dutch oven! Place it on charcoals or oven an open fire and you can prepare almost anything, even bread. We’ve even devoted an entire article to it.

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For campervan owners who love this style of cooking, a cast iron skillet could be a cool RV gift idea as well.

4. BBQ grill toolset

Portable BBQ Grill toolset camper

Portable BBQ Grill Toolset

Camper owners with a BBQ or grill will love this toolset as a gift. This set has everything you need to bake, flip or prepare food. The aluminum case makes it very easy to store away in the RV.

5. MarshmAllow roasting sticks

MalloMe Roasting Sticks for Marshmallows

Sitting around a fire, making S’mores, isn’t that something we all associate with camping and RV-ing? These roasting sticks set will come in handy for the next camping fire adventure!

For bad weather, this indoor S’mores maker could be a fantastic gift idea for camper owners!

6. Hammock

Compact Lightweight Hammock Camper essential

Lightweight and compact hammock

We don’t go anywhere without our hammock. It’s so lightweight and compact it even fits in a backpack. Perfect for any camper owner who enjoys reading a book, daytime nap, …

Hanging chair christmas gift RV owner

Hanging chair

This is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking of fun (Christmas) gifts for RV owners but we love our hanging chair! All you need is one good tree and branch for hours of relaxing, reading, listening to music, or watching the surroundings.

7. Outdoor string lights

String lights outdoor solar RV camper

Outdoor lightbulb string lights solar

Nothing is more enjoyable than a beautiful lightbulb string to create a great atmosphere outside of your RV or camper. We bring these lights everywhere! These solar-powered LED lights are fantastic presents for campervan owners.

As an alternative for outdoor lighting, these solar flickering flame torches are great as well!

8. Outdoor floor mat

Outdoor floor mat RV Camper

Sandmine reversible plastic straw rug

The one thing most people ask us when we meet them on a campground, is where did we buy our mat? A plastic rug before the RV or camper is so handy! It keeps the place clean, it looks great and the kids love it to play on as well! There are many amazing designs to choose from.

9. RV Camper doormat

Gifts for RV owners doormat camper

Fun camper doormat

A true RV essential, if you ask me, is a proper doormat! These coconut fiber mats are perfect for the job. And they make great gifts for camper owners!

10. Inflatable kayak or SUP

Inflatable kayak RV Camper gift idea

Intex inflatable kayak (2 persons)

For every RV or camper owner who loves the outdoors, an inflatable kayak is a fantastic gift! It folds up quite compact, so no problem to bring it along.

Inflatable SUP paddle board RV Camper

Inflatable paddleboard

We have one of these with us in our camper and have used it so many times! It’s very easy to inflate and deflate again. It can be used on the ocean, in rivers, or in lakes. Are you ready for some SUP fun?

11. Binoculars

Binoculars Adult Camper RV Birdwatching

Ltool Binoculars

For any RV’er who loves birdwatching or wildlife watching in general, these binoculars are a fun gift. They are waterproof and offer a large field of view. You can choose cheaper or more expensive binoculars, depending on the quality you desire.

12. Weather station

weather station rv camper

Govee wireless weather station

When you’re living so close to nature, as you are in an RV, it can be nice to have a weather station around to fully understand the weather conditions. It measures temperature, humidity, air pressure and even has an alarm.

13. Portable projector

Gift ideas for camper owners portable projector

Portable Mini Projector

Now, who said you can’t have a cinema in an RV? Or even better, you can have your own outdoor cinema right next to your camper! This portable mini projector is very compact and perfect for RV life. It even comes with a screen.

14. Noise-canceling wireless headphones

Wireless headphone holiday gift camper

Sony noise-canceling wireless headphones with microphone

We’ve been traveling for months in a row with 4 people in a small VW bus. Trust me, a noise-canceling headphone is a lifesaver, both for yourself as the sake of others. Choose one that is wireless!

15. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bose bluetooth speaker van life gift

Bose Bluetooth speaker

We bring our Bose speaker anywhere! Perfect to listen to some music outside, as you can hang it anywhere with the strap in the back. You can even take it to the beach as it is waterproof.

16. e-reader

E-reader Gifts for RV owners

Kindle E-reader

We love our e-readers! They are perfect for anyone traveling, as they are so compact and can store hundreds of books. In my opinion, it’s a true RV essentials and a perfect gift for RV owners.

17. RV or camper-themed clothing

If you’re looking for the best RV gifts, have you thought of camper-themed clothing? A very useful and fun idea for birthday or Christmas gifts for RV owners. There are many different colors, designs, and items out there. We’ve chosen a few cool ones we like (click on the pictures to go straight to that one) or browse between all the others.

Happy campet shirt RV gift ideas
Happy Camper T-shirt gift
RV hoodie gift idea
Camper socks gift idea Christmas
Happy camper hat
Camping T-shirt RV gifts

18. Mini waffle maker

Mini waffle maker gift camper owner

Dash mini waffle maker

We all know space is an issue in a campervan or RV. With this mini waffle maker, you can bake waffles in a camper without needing lots of storage! Check out their mini pancake/eggs/cookies maker as well!

19. Sustainable food storage

Bee's wrap sustainable gift RV camper

Bee’s Wrap (3-pack)

Looking for a gift for an RV owner who loves sustainability? Have you heard of Bee’s Wrap? It’s a natural food storage alternative. This eco-friendly and reusable food wrap is made out of beeswax.

Food Huggers Eco friendly RV gifts

Food Huggers

One of the best eco-friendly RV gifts is this Food Huggers set! They will keep all of your fruits and vegetables fresh for much longer. No plastic and sustainable, these are perfect for in the camper! Also, check out their other products!

20. Travel Coffee maker

Keurig K-mini coffee maker gift camper RV

Keurig K-mini Coffee maker

This small coffee maker is perfect for campers or RVs as it is so compact. It makes one cup at a time and fits almost any travel mug.

21. Nesting bowls

Nestling Bowls RV storage gift idea

Joseph Joseph nesting bowls (9-piece set)

In an RV or camper, it’s all about clever storage solutions. No more problems with 10 different bowls that don’t fit in the cabinet. This space-saving set of bowls and measuring cups is perfect for RV owners.

22. Wine and coffee tumbler

Wine Coffee Tumbler Camper RV gifts

Stainless steel wine and coffee tumbler

These tumblers (closable with a lid) can keep liquids cool or hot for many hours. They are perfect for coffee, tea, wine, beer, and many other drinks. Choose one of the many designs!

If you’d prefer a more classical wine glass, check these shatterproof wine glasses, perfect for in an RV or camper.

23. Camping mugs

Coffee mug camper RV owner gift

Camping coffee mug

We love our enamel coffee and tea mugs! They look great, can’t break, and are a bit nostalgic. The only downside is that they can get hot. If you don’t like that, you could choose a double-wall insulated coffee mug.

24. Omnia oven

Omnia oven gifts RV camper

Omnia Oven

We love our Omnia oven! You can use it on the stovetop to make bread, lasagna, pizza, casseroles, cakes, … Almost anything you’d bake in a normal oven. It’s a life-changer for RV or camper owners who don’t have an oven. One of the best RV gift ideas, if you ask me! Also, check out the different accessories!

25. Instant pot

Instant pot RV cooking gift

Instant pot 7-in-1

This instant pot is the perfect gift for any RV or camper kitchen. You can make almost anything it! It’s a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, … No more need to have many different pots and appliances.

26. Camping kitchen towels

Camping kitchen towels affordable RV gift

Kay Dee camping kitchen towels

Camper-themed kitchen towels are fun small gifts for RV owners! Very affordable and always nice to give. There are many different designs out there, but these are our favorites.

27. cocktail shaker set

Camp cocktail shaker set

Camp cocktail shaker set

Enjoy a nice cocktail after a long hike out in nature. With this cocktail shaker, you can prepare the best cocktails in your RV or camper.

28. Camping and RV books

When you’re looking for gifts for campervan owners, books always make great presents! The only thing to consider is that many RV owners don’t have endless storage. If they have an e-reader, an e-book could be a good solution. However, some books are just too beautiful not to have them on a hardcover.

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There are many, many fantastic books out there. We can’t show them all in this RV gifts article, but here are some of our favorites. Click on the picture to go to that book or look around yourself on Amazon.

50 states 5000 ideas RV gift book
RV logbook gift camper owners
Living in an RV Book Gift idea
Off the beaten path book
Life is good in the trailerhood book
Most scenic drives in America book
Camp cocktails book gifts RV owners
Road Atlas Adventure Camper gifts

29. National Parks RV gift ideas

If you’re traveling through the States with your camper or RV, you’ll definitely have visited many National Parks. Therefore, some of the best RV gifts are related to these National Parks.

What about fun RV stickers to show off all the parks you’ve been to? Or a scratch-off poster? There even is a National Parks board game!

Gift idea National parks scratch-off poster
Natinoal parks board game christmas gift
Camper RV sticker set national parks

30. Blanket

A blanket is one of the best gifts for RV owners, as it is so useful and fun to give. All camper owners need good blankets, so you can’t go wrong there. Many choices out there, but we especially love the Rumple and Pendleton wool blankets.

Rumple camping blanket gift idea

Rumpl camping blanket

These puffy blankets are perfect for camping, sleeping in an RV, or for late nights by the campfire. They are warm, insulated, and water-resistant.

Pendleton wool throw blanket camper gifts

Pendleton Wool Throw

There are many blankets out there, but nothing beats a real wool throw. Wool is the best fabric to keep you warm! We always have a wool blanket with us.

31. Decorative pillow

Decorative camper pillow RV gifts

Decorative camper pillow

For most RV and camper owners, their vehicle is their home away from home. This means you want to decorate in a way it feels like a home as well! There are so many amazing happy camper decor items, but one of them is definitely these decorative camping-themed pillows.

32. Camper Christmas Gifts ORNAMENTS

Camper christmas gifts ornaments

Camper RV Christmas ornaments

RV owners who are Christmas lovers as well might be very happy with one of these RV Christmas ornaments! You can find campers, RV’s, caravans and so much more.

I hope you liked this guide on gift ideas for RV owners? Do you have anything to add or a remarque? Let us know in the comments. Here are some other articles and gift guides you might find interesting:

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Best gifts for RV owners

Best gifts for RV owners: RV gifts camper owners will love

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