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We travelled a lot in the past and we will travel more in the future, but now all the focus is on our current big adventure with our two girls. This blog wil cover far more then just this trip, but in this section you'll find all the blog articles concerning our exciting family adventure in Asia and Oceania. Want to get more information on general travel tips, travel gear, other destinations, food, photography, ...? Feel free to scroll through the rest of our blog!

We left Belgium by the end of august 2018 on a plane to Shanghai without any return ticket. An exiting and strange feeling, I must admit. The girls left school and will have a much severe teacher now, their mum :-). We will work and travel, being digital nomads as they call it. First on our agenda: Shanghai, Malaysia and Australia. Much more to come, so stay tuned to discover the rest of our trip.

Want to travel yourself? Alone or as a family? Or do you just want to enjoy our adventures? Follow us to get all kinds of stories and information on travelling (with family), enjoying life, living on a budget, be adventurous with kids and so much more. Not only the useful stuff, but the real travel diaries as well with fun facts, true stories and of course beautiful pictures.

Travelling and being on the road is our passion. It used to be alone, as a couple and now with the four of us. Travelling doesn't need to stop when you have children. It's not the same of course, but the world is still out there ready to be discovered!

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