Who are we?

Who are we?

Hi! Welcome to our blog!

We are the global wizards. We want to discover all the magic that’s out there and share it with you. Whether it’s how to take a stunning picture, how to travel to remote places with kids, where to eat or what to cook,… The world is out there to discover and we can’t wait to see as much of it as possible. Sounds like you? 

Let us introduce ourselves

One day, we were wandering around a local market in London, and came across this inspiring saying: ‘We must adventure to know where we truly belong’. We’re no big spenders, and normally hesitate a bit to buy something, but this time we knew these words described us to the core and immediately decided to take this poster home. Where it stands proudly in the center of our house. It briefly summarises the feeling we had for years… We feel a bit captured staying home, while all those fantastic places and delightful experiences are waiting for us to be discovered. We believe it will make us richer persons in every possible way.

There are four global wizards: Jurgen and Heleen, travellers in heart and soul, and our daughters Yuna (2010) en Hanne (2011) who are starting to get the travel bug :-).

Jurgen is a loving husband and the best father our children could hope for. Beside travelling, he is passionate about cooking (and eating as well :-)). He developed the travel bug all by himself as travelling isn’t that common in his family. As a young adult, he travelled through Europe on his own and later on, together with Heleen, he found himself the ideal travel partner. He is a website/webshop developer, an ideal job if you want to be a digital nomad.

Heleen got the wanderlust from her mother, who travelled the whole world to work. She travelled together with her mother when she was a child, than with Jurgen and now with the whole family. Jurgen and her children are the most dearest to her. Next to travelling, she is passionate about photography and gardening.

Yuna is an inspiring young girl, full of energy and ideas. She wants to be an inventor or a horse instructor. She still needs to decide :-). We think she will be an entrepreneur as she keeps on thinking of ideas to earn money. She is very interested in what we are doing and wants to have her on blog and vlog. We will try to give her through the global wizards her first experiences in this interesting domain.

Hanne is the sweetest girl who can play hours with her playmobil or has endless patience to color. She is a real family person, who just wants to have everybody she loves around her. Luckily mum, dad and her sister are still the most important persons in her life, as we are the only ones she will be seeing in the near future. Other family and friends will get regular calls, pictures and notes from her, as she wants to hear from them regularly. Fortunately we are living in the 21th century!

Belgium is our home country and Dutch is our mother tongue. We write this blog in English, but forgive us if we make a mistake now and then as it is not our native language. There is a Dutch section to this blog as well. For our friends and family at home but of course also for other Dutch speaking people who are just interested to read our story.

Yuna and Hanne will keep their own diary, but in Dutch of course as they are just learning English right now.

Our Current Journey

We are since the end of august 2018 at the beginning of a new adventure. Travel the world with our young girls, while home schooling them and working along the road to make all this possible. A challenge, that’s for sure. But we hope and belief we will get much out of it and the experiences will give our daughters and ourselves some wonderful qualities such as:

  • Learning to be together all the time and tightening our family bond
  • Enjoying to be outside, loving the wideness and freedom of nature
  • Being aware that we don’t need that much material luxury
  • Discovering the human diversity and respecting all the differences between us
  • Treating animals and Mother Earth in general with respect
  • Experiencing that we do not have to be slaves of the digital revolution (especially our children) and the ‘rat race’

Our adventure will start in Shanghai, Malaysia and then Australia. After that, we will see. Do you have tips or ideas? Please contact us and share them with us!

What do you get out of this blog

When you start blogging, you have to choose a niche they say. How to pick one of our passions however, when we want to share all of them with you and the world? Well, we don’t. The world is our passion. But that doesn’t mean we only want to write about travel. Photography and food are two of our other main interests. Together with gardening and a self-sufficient lifestyle. But we left those to out of the picture for now, as gardening for example is a bit difficult when you are on the road for a long term :-).

Do you also like to travel? Alone, as a couple or with kids? Or are you passionate about photography? Do you love to cook and explore all those new tasteful flavours? Or do you want to live and work abroad while travelling? Maybe you simply want to stay home, but like to day dream about other places or like to follow adventures and see where they go.

Look no further! You’ve come to the right place. We will help you to travel more and longer, discover distinct locations all over the world, in an adventurous and budget-friendly manner. We will give all kind of tips to make travelling more within reach or to get the best out of some destinations. Or simply learn how to seize the day. Not only interesting facts and information will be given, but also the fun facts, true stories, setbacks now and then. The real experience, not only the good and fun side of travelling.

As parents, we had the feeling travelling was not a ‘remember-how-it-used-to-be’ story. We love to discover the globe with our children. Show them there is far more in this world then what they learn being home and in their classroom. Follow us if you want to have a good insight in travelling with children No children in the picture (yet)? No problem, we’ll give you plenty of information that has nothing to do with family travelling.  

We are still working on our blog. Lots and lots of article ideas in our head, from earlier travel experiences, that will come online soon. So keep posted to get more information. 

Follow us and get in touch

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On Instagram, we have a general account, but also a specific one for food, photography and our kids/family travel. We understand it would be frustrating if one of your passions is food and you keep on seeing pictures of our children ;-).

Facebook and Pinterest also belong to our social media portfolio. And last but not least, we have a youtube channel and there will probably be a separate one of the kids in the near future.

Do you have any question, remark, interesting insight? Feel free to contact us through our website, give a comment below a blog post or get in touch through our social media channels.

We hope you will enjoy this blog, our stories and our pictures as much as we do!

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