Morocco 10-Day itinerary: a Morocco travel guide

Itinerary Morocco 10 days

10 days Morocco Itinerary: the perfect guide for your Moroccan Trip

Are you dreaming of a trip to Morocco? Who wouldn’t dare to dream of that? It is a magical country, adventurous, diverse, and a fantastic travel destination. From the old medinas in the royal cities to the sand dunes in the desert and the Atlas Mountains, you can walk straight into a fairy tale of 1001 nights.

We have put together the perfect road trip for you for a 10-day tour of Morocco. On this trip, you will discover the most important sights of Morocco.

If you have a little more time and can stay for example 14 days, we will give some extra suggestions at the end. If you only have 1 week (7 to 8 days), you can still leave this itinerary and drop something here and there.

You can do this tour in any season, although spring and autumn are better because the temperatures are perfect.

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For this road trip through Morocco, we do not do a loop, but we start in Tangier and drive south to Marrakech. Quite a bit of distance, but it’s totally worth it!

To see Morocco in 10 days, we recommend renting a car yourself (more on this later in this article), although it is also perfectly close to public transport. We find the best way to discover the country by car and that way you have all the freedom.

We regularly give suggestions if you have more time, but keep in mind the driving distances in Morocco and that the maximum speed is often not high.

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How to get to Morocco

You can fly directly to almost all major cities in Morocco. For this 10-day tour, we recommend that you fly to Tangier (or possibly Fez if that is cheaper) and end your trip to Marrakech.

If possible, take an early flight, then you can drive on immediately and you no longer have to spend the night in Tangier.

We flew with Tuifly to Tangier, but here you can compare all the cheap tickets to Tangier. Compare here the cheapest flights for the return flight from Marrakech.

Rent a car in Morocco

For this 10-day tour in Morocco, we recommend that you rent a car. You can also go for a combination between public transport (bus), taxis, and the train between the major cities, but it gets a bit more complicated.

You can easily rent a car in all the major cities in Morocco. For this tour, we recommend flying to Tangier or Fez and then driving south to Marrakech. It is therefore best to rent a car in Tangier/Fez and drop it off in Marrakech.

TIP: As always, we rented our car from Sunny Cars. The nice thing is that you have an all-inclusive formula with them that already includes insurance. So no worries and no hassle on arrival at the airport. When we arrived in Tangier we were able to pick up our car immediately and we were soon on our way.

Driving in Morocco

They drive on the right in Morocco. For this 10-day tour through Morocco, you cover quite a bit of distance and you often spend a long time in the car. But don’t worry, you won’t get bored.

In addition to the beautiful landscapes you drive through, there is also a lot to experience on the road. There are donkeys, dogs, bicycles, and also children who do not always pay attention when crossing the road. So you really have to be very attentive, especially in the center of the villages.

You also have to keep an eye on your speed, there are a lot of speed controls by the police. As long as you stick to the speed they will let you through (no sign of corruption). Usually, your oncoming traffic will flash its lights briefly as you approach a checkpoint. You will find these checks in Morocco, especially when driving in and out of villages or towns. Attention, there is also zero tolerance for alcohol on the road.


During this road trip in Morocco, we do not do any major highways. They are located on the coast and connect the major cities such as Rabat and Casablanca. On the smaller roads you are usually allowed a maximum of 80 km/h or 60 km/h, so keep that in mind when you try to estimate the travel time.

TIP: If you prefer not to drive yourself in Morocco, you can also choose to book a few tours. For example, fly to Fez, stay there for a few days and do a 2-day tour to Chefchaouen and Meknes. Afterward a 3-day tour from Fez to Marrakech via the desert and the atlas and finally stay in Marrakech for a few days.

Rent a car driving Morocco

What should you not forget to pack for your tour in Morocco

Remember that you need an international passport for Morocco. Sometimes, if you are going on an organized group tour, ordinary proof of identity is sufficient.

TIP: Take some euros with you before you leave for Morocco. It is often cheaper to exchange them in Morocco in Dirhams than to collect everything there. Quite a bit of commission is often charged, so check in advance where it is best to withdraw money and with which card.

Morocco is predominantly Muslim. There are no specific rules regarding clothing, so in principle, you can wear whatever you want. But out of respect for the local people and their faith, it is better to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and knees (especially for women).

In the summer it can be very hot in Morocco. In winter you will need some warmer clothes. Keep in mind that it can get very cold in the mountains and in the desert at night (even in the mid-season). We even had some rain in the desert (in September) but luckily we had our raincoat with us.

TIP: If possible, save some space or bring an extra suitcase. Normally we don’t buy many souvenirs, but in Morocco, we had to buy an extra suitcase. The carpets, poufs, pillowcases, and hammam towels, … are just too beautiful!

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Our 10 day road trip through Morocco on the map

As mentioned before, we started our trip to Tangier, where we immediately drove to Chefchaouen. First, we go to Fez, and after that, we drive to the desert in Merzouga and the Atlas Mountains before we arrive in Marrakesh.

For this trip, you need about 10 days. If you have a little more time, you can also add Imlil or Essaouira or stay a few days longer in the places you love the most.

If the airline tickets to Fez are cheaper, you can also choose to fly to Fez and drive there and back to Chefchaouen (3 hours one way).

You can of course also make this trip perfectly reversed.

Day 1: Arrival in Tangier – visit Tetouan – Chefchaouen

Total distance: From the airport, you can count on approximately 2h15min (120 km) to Chefchaouen.

Try to book an early flight, then you can drive on immediately. If you arrive later, you can spend the night in Tangier, there are many options.

Visit Tetouan

Depending on the hour you arrive in Tangier, you can stop in Tetouan on the way to Chefchaouen. There you will find a beautiful and above all authentic medina, without the many tourists.

It is one of the most beautiful medinas in the Maghreb! Rue de Fès is the city’s most colorful street. Stroll through the souks, past carpenters, and furniture makers.

Then you can visit the small tannery (like in Fez, but less touristy). If you have time left, you can also visit the Jewish quarter.

Parking is easy in the center. You can count on about $2 for two hours and your car is safe there.

Medina Tetouan Road trip Morocco
Tannery Tetouan Morocco Trip
Medina Souks Tetouan Morocco

Chefchaouen: what to do and tips

After your visit to Tetouan, you will continue to the blue city of Morocco, Chefchaouen. This city is the main reason why we let you leave Tangier for this 10-day tour of Morocco.

You simply cannot miss Chefchaouen! The medina is almost completely painted blue, which makes it very photogenic and still authentic. Moreover, it is also beautifully situated in the Rif mountains.

It is quieter and more relaxed than in some other cities in Morocco. The ideal place to start your trip in Morocco. We advise you to stay in Chefchaouen. That way you can enjoy the magic of the city without being bothered by the many day tourists.

Check out the best places to stay in Chefchaouen here. We stayed at Casa Sanae, a simple and very affordable apartment, perfectly located in the medina and with a roof terrace with a beautiful view. The breakfast was also delicious.

TIP: Do you have a little more time than 10 days in Morocco? Then stay 2 nights in Chefchaouen. There is so much to see, also in the area.

Read more: we have written an extensive article about what you can do in Chefchaouen, with our best tips and nice places to eat or stay overnight.

Chefchaouen blue city Morocco
Road trip Morocco Chefchaouen
Kasbah Chefchaouen Road trip Morocco
10 days itinerary Morocco road trip Chefchaouen

Day 2: Chefchaouen – Meknès – Fez

Total distance: We drive via a small detour along Meknès towards Fes. Count on a total drive of 4h30 (261 km). You can also drive directly to Fez (197 km or 3h30).

Get up early and explore Chefchaouen before breakfast. Before 8 am the streets are still deserted and you will only encounter a few locals and some cats.

After breakfast, we first drive to Meknès, one of the royal cities of Morocco, and then arrive in Fez in the evening. If you have enough time, you can also visit Volubilis and Moulay Idriss.

Visit Meknès and Volubilis

  • Meknès is one of the four royal cities of Morocco and is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. This ancient, fascinating city, protected by UNESCO, is well worth a stroll.

Over the centuries, Meknès was the capital of Morocco several times. Meknes has some notable landmarks and is known for its historic buildings and architecture (a mix of Moroccan, Mediterranean, and European styles).

Stroll around the narrow streets of the Medina and be sure to visit the Bab Mansour Gate, the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, and the Royal Palace of Meknes.

  • Moulay Idriss: this is the holiest city in Morocco at 22km from Meknès and Mecca for the poor Muslims.
  • Volubilis is located near Moulay Idriss. Here you will find the most important Roman ruins in Morocco (UNESCO World Heritage).

Visitors can tour the remains of the Roman baths, and forums, and visit the basilica. There is also a small museum on site.

Volubilis is best visited with a guide. Take enough water with you because there is almost no shade to be found. Ideally, you can visit this in the spring or autumn.

TIP: If you would like to visit Meknes, Moulay Idriss, and Volubilis with a guide, you can also drive immediately from Chefchaouen to Fez (visit all kinds of things there in the afternoon and evening) and book a guided tour from Fez the next day.

Arrival in Fez

Depending on what you have visited, you will arrive in Fez in the afternoon or in the evening, also one of the royal cities.

Arrange in advance with your hotel or riad where you can park your car. Usually, that is somewhere on the edge of the medina and you pay between 25 to 70 dirhams per 24 hours.

In Fez, there are fantastic places to spend the night, but the most beautiful of all are the riads (old, beautifully decorated houses with courtyards).

We stayed at Riad Alassala in the old Medina and were completely in love with the beautiful interior. From the roof terrace, you have a breathtaking view of the old city of Fes in Morocco. There is also an excellent breakfast!

Sunset Fez Riad Alassala Morocco
Riad Alassala Fez Morocco itinerary

Day 3: Visit the Medina of Fez

Today we stay in Fez to explore this beautiful old city. Stroll through the alleys, feast your eyes, and be amazed. The main streets are the Talaa Kebira and the Talaa Sghira which you can reach through the entrance gate of Bab Boujeloud.

There is something to see on every corner, behind every facade there is a story, and every neighborhood is different. So let yourself be carried away in this fascinating and mysterious city.

TIP: The medina of Fez has no fewer than 14 entrance gates and more than 30,000 streets! It is easy to get lost. Since you don’t have a lot of time, we recommend that you take a guide. This also prevents salespeople or other guides from trying to talk you into buying something.

Read more: We wrote a full article on what to do in Fez, including the most beautiful sights, our best tips, where to stay, and nice places to eat.

City of Fez Tannery Travel Morocco
Souks Medina Fez Morocco road trip
Two weeks Morocco Tour Fez

Day 4: Fez – Merzouga

Total distance: Today is the longest ride of our 10-day itinerary in Morocco. We have to drive no less than 463 km and that takes between 7 and 8 hours.

Keep in mind that you cannot drive very fast. Partly because of the speed limits (and police checks), partly because there are often road works, and also because you have to pass all kinds of hills and mountains.

However, this will not be a boring ride. The landscapes are beautiful and there are also some nice stops along the way:

  • At the height of the Ifrane National Park (about an hour outside Fez), you will drive through the cedar forests and you will probably also encounter a troop of Barbary macaques.
Ifrane National Park Morocco Barbary macaques
  • After Ifrane (1650m altitude), you pass Midelt (known for minerals) and Rich. From then on you will drive through the beautiful gorge of the Ziz river. This is one of the most beautiful parts of this trip. Along the way, there are lookout points on this gorge and the oasis with palm groves.
  • Then you continue along Errachidia and Erfoud. This city is known for its fossils. If you still have time you can visit the Tahiri museum. Here you can also be sure that the fossils are real, which cannot be said everywhere. If you don’t have time now, you can also choose to do this on the way back from Merzouga.

If you are lucky (or have planned for it) you will arrive in Merzouga around sunset and you will see the beautiful red sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi desert looming in front of you. A magical moment!

Erg Chebbi Desert Morocco Road trip

Stay in Merzouga

Time to find your hotel after this long drive and enjoy the beautiful sky at night.

You could go into the desert right away if you really don’t have much time. Check out our recommendations from day 5. It is much nicer to stay a night in Merzouga and recover from the far drive. Merzouga is located just next to the desert so you can enjoy it here too.

There are several nice accommodation options in Merzouga itself. We stayed at the beautiful Kasbah Mohayut. A beautifully renovated kasbah (old Moroccan fortress), is located just next to the dunes. You can take a dip in the pool and enjoy a delicious breakfast or dinner.

Merzouga Desert Kasbah Mohayut Itinerary

Day 5: Merzouga and the sand dunes of the Erg Chebbi desert

Today we head into the desert around Merzouga and spend the night in a desert camp.

During the day you can enjoy the peace and quiet and the swimming pool in your hotel. In Merzouga itself there is not much to do, all activities are focused on the sand dunes. During the day we went to eat something tasty and cheap at La Grotte Dunes Restaurant.

You can also choose to do an activity in the desert, such as climbing the top of the Erg Chebbi, the highest dune (bring enough water with you!). Or book a tour with a quad bike or a jeep safari in the desert that also takes you to some nearby sights.

Spending the night in the desert

Most people come to Merzouga to spend the night in the desert. There are several options, but the best thing is to book a night at a luxury desert camp and go there by dromedary at sunset. You can arrange all this through the tent camp where you have booked.

At Kasbah Mohayut, where we stayed in Merzouga, you can book an overnight trip to their tent camp. A very nice experience.

But for a more luxurious (yet affordable) desert experience, we really recommend Beldi Camp. The camp is hidden between the dunes and has a beautifully furnished Berber tent and 10 luxury tents with toilets and showers. Each tent is decorated differently. The cuisine is very refined (the best food we’ve had in Morocco) with a mix of Moroccan and Western food.

From Merzouga, we went out in the evening with the dromedaries. You start at the feet of the dunes and around sunset, you are somewhere at the top.

Afterward, an evening meal will be provided for you with a performance by a Berber music group. In the morning you can still go sandboarding, book a tour with a quad or take the jeep back to your car.

Beldi Camp Morocco Food
Beldi Camp Desert Morocco Stay overnight
Beldi Camp Desert Morocco Stay overnight

Day 6: Merzouga – Todra gorge (Tinghir)

Total distance: From Merzouga, you have to drive about 193 km (3 hours) to the beautiful Todra gorge.

Depending on the time that you are back after your trip to the desert, you can still do some fun activities along the way. As described earlier, you can go to the Tahiri museum of fossils in Erfoud.

If you drive further to Rissani you will also notice the many kasbahs (old Moroccan fortresses) on the way. You can make an extra loop here to visit it. More information about all these kasbahs can be found on this site.

The last major city you pass is Tinghir. Here you can still do your shopping (water and some snacks and food for the walk the next day), and also collect money before you drive further towards the gorge.

Visit and stay at Todra gorge

Driving through the Todra (or Toghda) gorge is impressive, to say the least. The river and road run through the canyon as the sheer walls tower high above you.

However, many tourists only (quickly) come to see the gorge without discovering the surroundings. Which is a shame because walking through and around the Todra gorge is much more rewarding. In the next point, we discuss a beautiful walk that you can do here.

Because this region is so beautiful, we really recommend staying overnight here. We slept in a small hotel not far from the start of the walk, namely Hotel Restaurant La Petite Gorge.

The reception is great, the rooms were small but clean. In the morning we were also offered a delicious breakfast on the terrace with a fantastic view.

Do you like something more luxurious? Then you can go to the Auberge Le Festival. This is located in the gorge and you sleep in a kind of cave carved into the mountains. A fantastic experience!

Todra gorge Morocco road trip

Hike through the Todra gorge

There is a beautiful walk which is 4 hours (12 km) around the Todra gorge. The walk takes you through beautiful landscapes and you will probably also meet some nomads with their donkeys or goats.

TIP: If you arrive here on time, you can choose to do it in the afternoon. Make sure you don’t leave too late so you don’t have to come back in the dark. The way is not easy to find and in the dark it is almost impossible. We chose to do them early the next morning. That way you also avoid the greatest heat.

The walk starts here at the parking lot. You will see the stairs going up on the left. That is also the donkey trail that you now have to follow in the first kilometers.

About halfway you pass a Berber tent and a friendly Berber family. They will probably invite you for a cup of tea (when they are home;-)). You are not obliged to give anything, but we did.

You can find the walk via the app (make sure that you have the offline map on your mobile). Based on that, you can perfectly follow the walk yourself. Without these it is very difficult to find your way around without a guide.

Todra Gorge Hike
Todra gorge walk nomads Morocco
Morocco Tour Todra Gorge Hike

Day 7: Todra – Dadès – Aït Benhaddou

Total distance: From the Todra gorge it is about 85 km (1h30) drive to the Dadès gorge. After that you can count on an extra 168 km (2h30) to Aït Benhaddou.

We start the day with a nice breakfast in the Todra gorge. Keep in mind if you decide to do the walk in the morning, you will have less time for the rest of the day. Leave early enough.

From the Todra gorge, we drive to the valley of the Dadès gorge. The narrowest and most impressive part of the gorge starts north of Aït-Oufi at km 25. From this point, you have a beautiful view of the road. There is also a restaurant here where you can drink a cup of tea.

TIP: The Dadès Gorge is also a very beautiful region. If you have more time, you can possibly stay an extra night here in the Dadès gorge or a second night in the Todra gorge. For example, you can take a walk in the valley to Imdiazen. A guide is recommended here.

Road Dades Gorge Morocco Road Trip

After the visit to the Dadès valley, we drive further along Ouarzazate. This is where the valleys of the Drâa and Dadès meet. The city is known for the film industry: Gladiator, Alexander the Great, Babel, and Inception were partly shot here.

You can also stop here to visit the Kasbah of Taourirt. We do recommend that you hire a guide, afterward you can also visit the ksar (walled city).

Visit Ait Benhaddou

After Ouarzazate, you leave the N9 towards Aït Benhaddou. This is one of the most impressive and best-preserved ksars in the south of Morocco. Many films have already been shot here.

You can choose to visit the city in the evening and/or early in the morning. Both moments are ideal. Then you have the best light, a few tourists and it is not too hot to make the climb to the Agadir (reinforced gran barn) at the top of the city.

From the top, you have a phenomenal view of the environment. If you are looking for an original souvenir you can buy watercolors in the shops. These are made with saffron, tea, and indigo.

Ait Benhaddou Morocco road trip
Ait Ben Haddou things to see Morocco
Ait Benhaddou painting souvenir Morocco

TIP: Choose to spend the night in Aït Benhaddou. The light of the setting or rising sun bathes the age-old city in beautiful lies. Moreover, you can then visit the city when the day tourists have left Marrakech.

There are many accommodation options in Aït Benhaddou. We stayed in Dar Mouna La Source, across the old city. From here you have a beautiful view of the masterpiece of UNESCO World Heritage. In the restaurant, you can eat good food and have breakfast in the morning with a view of Aït Benhaddou and the sunrise.

Dar Mouna Ait Ben Haddou Morocco

Day 8: Aït Benhaddou – Marrakech

Total distance: Today we have a wonderful ride on the Tizi n’Tichka pass. Count on 3:30 am over 182 km. It is therefore slow and that is partly due to the mountain roads, but also a large part due to the road works.

In the morning you can visit Aït Benhaddou. You can also first drive to Tamdaght (or walk), a somewhat old but beautiful kasbah and ksar. Then you can choose to drive via Telouet or return to the N9.

This road through the High Atlas is one of the most beautiful in Morocco. The highest point is 2300m above sea level. Along the way, pay attention to the fantastic colors of the landscape: ocher, pink, and gray with green dots, …

Be careful if you go in the winter because then it can be closed due to the snowfall. Don’t forget to refuel before you leave. Drive carefully and not too fast and above all enjoy.

Arrival and stay in Marrakech

After this exciting tour, we arrive in Marrakech, also one of the royal cities of Morocco.

Ask your hotel in advance where it is best to park your car. We were in this parking lot in Marrakech, close to the famous Jemaa-el-Fna square. A bit expensive (70 dirhams per 24 hours), but central and safe.

There is no shortage of accommodation options in Marrakech. We really recommend sleeping in a riad in the medina, the old town. These old palaces are all gems and staying here is a unique experience in Marrakech.

We stayed in Riad Dar Justo, located in the center of Marrakech. You imagine yourself in a fairy tale of a thousand and one nights in this riad. Nice is that they also have a hamman where you can be pampered with a massage or wash. At the very top, you will find the rooftop bar with a restaurant. Every morning there is an extensive breakfast buffet. The location is fantastic and close to all attractions.

In the evening you can explore the medina for a while, have something to eat at one of the stalls on the central Jemaa-el-Fna square, and look around the many shops of the souks.

Marrakech Riad Dar Justo Swimming pool
Marrakech Restaurant Dar Justo Family
Hammam Le Bain Blue Riad Dar Justo Marrakech

Day 9: discover Marrakech

Marrakech, located just next to the Atlas Mountains, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco. The city is known for its historic medina, full of narrow streets and traditional shops, the bustling Jemaa el-Fna square, lively markets, beautiful architecture, and rich culture.

So plenty to do if you want to discover Marrakech. Spending some time in this bustling city is an unforgettable experience.

You can wander in the streets and simply be surprised and enchanted, haggle for souvenirs in the many souks, or relax in one of the many cafes and restaurants with roof terraces and enjoy the traditional Moroccan cuisine. But there are also some top sights that you should definitely see.

  • Ben Youssef Madrasa: a beautiful ancient Koranic school (similar to what you saw in Fez, but also a must-see)
  • Le Jardin Majorelle: the gardens decorated by Yves Saint Laurent
  • Minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque
  • Place Jemaa el-Fna: the bustling central square of the city, a true experience both during the day and in the evening
  • The souks with many shops and old crafts

TIP: Do you have a little more time? Then book an extra night in Marrakech to really experience the magic of this city. It may be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you know your way around and the nice places it’s a fantastic city to stay in!

Madrasa Ben Youssef Marrakech Itinerary
Medina Marrakech 10 days Morocco Tour
Marrakech Road trip Morocco

Day 10: Marrakech

Unfortunately, day 10 of this 10-day tour through Morocco has arrived. The moment to drink one last mint tea on a roof terrace, haggle over a souvenir in one of the souks and experience the magic of the small streets of the medina one last time.

We hope that our itinerary for a 10-day road trip through Morocco has inspired you for your own Morocco tour! Anyway, let us know in the comments what you thought!

Do you have some more time and can you travel through Morocco for 14 days? We already gave some tips about where you can stay longer or you can also add an extra destination near Marrakech. In the next point, we will tell you all about it.

Extra tips for a 2-week tour

Imlil and the ascent of the djebel Toubkal

From Imlil (1h30 drive from Marrakesh) you can climb the highest mountain in North Africa, the Toubkal (4167m). You need at least two days for this.

You can also opt for a shorter day hike from one of the villages in the area. We stayed at the Berber Family Lodge. This was one of the highlights of our Morocco road trip.

From the lodge, you have an unforgettable view of the Toubkal and surrounding mountains. They also arrange guided walks for you. In addition, they provide a delicious Moroccan menu in the evening and you can have breakfast on the terrace in the morning.

Imlil Berber Family Lodge Stay Morocco
Imlil Hike Atlas Mountains Morocco itinerary
Imlil Hike Atlas Mountains Morocco Tour


This ancient city is located along the Atlantic coast about a 3-hour drive from Marrakech. The city is surrounded by fortified city walls and you will find an authentic and lively harbor with fishing boats.

No cars are allowed to drive within the city walls, which gives a very nice atmosphere. You can still relax and stroll around in the old medina, which is smaller and more casual than that of Marrakech. And of course, there is no shortage of shops and eateries.

The ideal city to stay in is another 2 or 3 nights. There are many nice accommodations in Essaouira. We stayed at Musta’s Apartments, a very nice apartment with super friendly owners, located in the medina.

We found Essaouira to be one of the nicest cities in Morocco. If you have enough time, it can be a fantastic place to end your tour of Morocco with a few more days at the sea.

Essaouira Morocco Road trip 10 days

And with that, we have told everything about this tour in Morocco for 10 days. We hope you find this magical land as beautiful and enchanting as we did!

Happy travels in Morocco!

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